The DEADLINE to enter items is normally
the Friday before Drop Off weekend.

For the 2021 Online Holiday Sale the deadline to
enter items is Tuesday, November 30, at 11:59pm.

Dropping Off Your Items at Pass It On


Thursday, December 9, 10am-6pm
Friday, December 10, 10am-6pm

Holiday ONLINE SALE drop offs will occur at the back door. Follow the purple arrows and map directions for Large Items.

Everyone MUST have an appointment. There are no late drop off times. Please make an appointment. If the system closes on November 30 at midnight and you do not have an appointment, please consult the online schedule and come during a time that has an open appointment.

Everyone gets inspected. Bring ALL sold items!



Curbside Drop Off for ALL!

Approach our location to follow the purple arrows in this map. (If coming south on Cypress, you won't be able to turn left into the alley so cut across the Big 5 parking lot and circle around.) We cannot block the front of the shopping center so please follow this flow.

Drop Off Instructions

Please be patient as everyone you will encounter working this sale is a volunteer. We only do this sale twice a year and have never done an online sale before so everything is new and not everyone has worked with us before anyway. They may not know all the answers but will find an answer for you.

Double check your report and make sure you have all of your sold items. We will send you a SOLD items report and instructions on how to print your tags. Every item must have a tag with a clearly printed bar code, unique item number, and shopper code (for who bought your item).

Make sure all pieces are included.

Make sure tires are inflated and stay full overnight. This applies to bikes, trikes, scoot bikes, trailers, strollers, anything with inflatable tires. Make sure your tires hold air overnight or you may need to replace a tube before coming to drop off.

Don't be in a hurry. Allow 20 minutes to complete the drop off process. If you need to assemble anything, that will take longer so plan accordingly.

Plan to assemble furniture or bring it put together. This ensures the buyer and us that all pieces are included.

Place SETS in a bag, such as clothing sets with 3 pieces under 1 price tag. We will need to verify that all items on your sold list are included and that can get confusing if there are a lot of loose pieces. Just bag it up in a ziploc bag instead of pinning 3 pieces together and tape the tag to the bag. Single pieces of clothing can be brought loose, with the tag attached.

If any of your items are not accepted but could be fixed, you will be told why and given an opportunity to fix it and still receive a perfect inspection. (Such as remove stains from clothing, clean toys or equipment, install batteries, find the missing parts.) You may choose to take things home to fix and bring back later (as long as we receive it all by 6pm Friday).

If any of your items are not accepted and cannot be fixed, you will be told why and we will give the buyer a refund. This may cause you to be banned from participating in future sales or just future online sales. Please inspect all of your items before you list them and again right before you come to drop off.

If you cannot make it to drop off, ask a friend to drop your stuff off for you. Be resourceful! Don't disappoint the buyers who already bought your stuff!

Click below to schedule your Drop Off Appointment (must be registered).

  • Appointments are scheduled in 15 minute increments.
  • Allow 15-20 minutes to complete drop off, more if you need to assemble anything.
  • Appointments can also be made when logged in to your Consignor Homepage.

Next Step...

We appreciate how most of our consignors take pride in helping the sale be a huge success for everyone. It takes many people working together to pull this off and we'd love to have you on our team. Thanks in advance for giving back to the community!