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Tell all the new parents in your life about our amazing consignment sale! Don't keep it a secret! If you already have kids, these brand new parents are buying up what you are selling! Or at least shopping for different things than you are. Be a hero and let them in on the hot ticket to surviving parenthood!

Stephanie dropped off her items yesterday and gives us a first hand sneak peek at some of the HOT DEALS already on the sales floor.

It’s hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t shopped the Pass It On Consignment Sale exactly why is so amazing.

I've talked with my friend Brandi about the sale a bunch of times. I told her how it’s the best way to buy for her coming little one. Today she helped me drop off my consignment items for the sale. We took a quick walk around to look at the quantity of stuff and the quality of items at the sale.

She remarked about how huge it is. “There are three huge different rooms full of stuff. It’s as big as three Babiess R Us stores!"

She was surprised of the prices on things. “Everything is like $3-5 dollars,” she remarked to her husband.

She told her husband, “this is were we are going to go to get all the baby stuff, and I’m bringing Stephanie so she can tell us what we do and don’t need.” While flattered, I am sure she would do just fine without me! I do love a good first time consignment shopper though. Their excitement is palpable.

While at the sale looking at the items being brought in, I sent my sister-in-law a photo of the Guava Lotus Travel Crib that retails for $199 and was being sold for $80!!!! My husband and I bought TWO of those brand new because they are so light and travel friendly. They convert to a backpack and easily can be stuffed into the same bag as your car seat at no extra airline cost... I digress. Seriously, $80 is a steal. She was super excited and hopes it’s still there when she gets to shop. They have a baby due in May and I say a travel crib that light and portable is a must! Just today they had put that item in their Amazon shopping cart and then decided to wait to shop Pass In On first. We will keep our fingers crossed that it’s still there when we get there!

On top of sharing the joy with my friend about the amazing sale she didn’t know existed and the possibility of fantastic deals for my sister-in-law, I wanted to tell you some of the deals I found today that just might excite you too!

For those pregnant mamas who love the sun...
This Serephine swimsuit which currently retails for $65 at Pea in Pod is only $10 a the sale!!!


Sophie the Giraffe Fans and Baby Shower Gift Buyers
No nursery is complete without a chewable giraffe friend. You could buy it new for $23... or pay $5 at the sale. I don’t mind that a little baby loved Sophia for a few months and I bet your little one won’t either. And there is a stack of Sophies just waiting for you!


Breastfeeding or soon-to-be?
This top from Motherhood Maternity is in perfect condition and it’s my absolute favorite style for your growing/shrinking belly and nursing. Even on sale the price is still 50% less at our consignment sale!


Active moms with 1 or 2 kids in tow...
This Phil & Ted’s Stroller is in like new condition. It come with the additional car seat adapter piece and the price is right at $250!


Oh, but you really wanted a Chicco version. Done! We have that too. We also have the super light weight version that just fits the infant bucket seat. And when you finish using it, recoup the cost and sell your stuff to another family.


Caregivers looking for the best nursery items on a budget?
This crib is $35! My husband and I paid $200 for ours. I wish we would have know about second hand cribs.


Parents who dress their baby girl to the nines...
I snapped a couple photos of items that caught my eye but I couldn’t do the room justice. It was eye candy on the racks as I spotted Baby Gap, Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, Nordstrom, Tucker & Tate, Mini Boden, Plae, Chooze, and my favorite patent leather Mary Janes in red. The average price on the designer items I picked up was $4. During the last sale I bought a Parisian brand baby pink sweater that I get compliments on every time I dress her! Oh, and what about those hello kitty sunglasses?! Those are pure girl magic for $2.


New parents wanting that Moses Basket feel from Pottery Barn...
We have it and it comes with bumper, a water proof pad, and two sheets that the seller graciously included. All yours for $20. I wanted it just because it’s beautiful.


Want to backpack with baby?
We have you covered! With 5 different versions of backpacks that carry both baby and stuff, you can shop for something in the $40 range all the way to this Thule at $200. It’s in immaculate condition.


But don’t stop at my suggestions. In ten minutes I snapped some photos while wandering through thousands of wonderfully kept new and used items just waiting to be used again. This isn’t a garage sale and it isn’t Babies R Us. It’s better. It’s families passing on their wonderful things at great prices.

Come join us at our next sale and let us know on Facebook what you are looking for or what you found!

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