Inventory Preparations

Preparing to tag usually takes more time than actually tagging! But it's so nice to see your house uncluttered once you have those boxes ready to go to the sale. You can do it!

STEP 1: Gather Your Items

Go through your house and gather your items. Collect everything you want to get rid of then sit down and decide what is sellable and what should be thrown out, donated, or recycled.


STEP 2: Prep Items for the Sale

All items must be clean and without stains. Do laundry. Wash all clothing, bedding, cloth toys, equipment covers, pads, and inserts. Sew if needed (or pass it on to the donate pile). Wipe down and clean all toys and equipment. Make sure you have all the parts and pieces for each of your items, including things you will need to build at the sale.


Clothing must be priced at least $2. If a clothing item is not worth $2 alone, pair it with another item if you can create an outfit by adding a matching hat, pants, socks, etc. Or pair 2 shirts or onesies of the same size and brand. Don't make mismatched outfits to avoid the 25 item limit (the limit is per size in newborn to 12 mos only), people won't buy those and we may reject them at drop off. Please be sensible. Or just put it on your donate pile.

Please inspect your items carefully before you tag them. We will also inspect everything at drop off. We will not allow any clothes that have stains, holes, broken or missing parts, or odd smells to be placed on our sales floor. We will reject those items at drop off and you can take them home. If we find unacceptable items on the racks during the sale, we'll pull them and mark the tags RTC (Return to Consignor) with a reason listed and they will be on your pick up pile at the end of the sale along with anything that does not sell. Wash all of your clothes so they smell fresh (and not like they’ve been in a box in your garage for 5 years). Try to remove obvious stains when you launder. All year long as your kids outgrow clothes, you can wash, hang, and even tag and be ready for our next sale! Sew loose hems, loose buttons, and loose pockets if you sew. Make sure zippers and snaps work. Spending a little extra time getting your things prepped means more money in your pocket!

Clothes need to be on appropriately sized hangers with the hook facing left like a question mark (?) and the tag pinned on the right. Tagging guns are best, but pins are fine. See the illustration for the best places to attach tags (button holes are also great). Aim for a seam so you don't put holes in your clothes and ruin things before they can sell.

Child sized hangers may be used only for size 4T and under. Use adult hangers for clothing size 5T and up and with smaller sizes if possible. Stock up on hangers before you sit down to tag items. If you are using wire hangers, you can do a little wire bending to fit small sizes, or use child sized wire hangers.

Pants are best hung on the hangers made for pants (with the clips), but if you cannot get enough of those you can pin pants to any hanger. Just make sure the pins are on the TOP bar and not on the bottom so the pants hang flat and won't slide to one side. Use belt loops when possible.

Sets always sell better. Matching outfits are appreciated. Sets should be pinned securely together with pants backed up to the shirt for easy viewing (flipping the outfit around vs having to lift up the top to see the pants). Pants on a separate hanger could become separated from their top and not sold. You can clip pants underneath a shirt if you have that type of hanger, just make sure the shirt hangs on top. Most people will inspect what they are buying, so make it easy for them to see all of the items.

Onesies must be on hangers. Pin several together or use a hanger made for multiples. Please do NOT put onesies in a bag. They don't sell. Everyone cruises the racks, not many will dig in bins or buy clothes they can't see. We want your stuff to sell!

Items you can't hang... small loose items like socks, underwear, bibs, bows, etc. can be placed in sets in a clear Ziploc bag with the tag taped to the inside.


Attach shoes together. Tie shoes together by the laces or through the lace holes with ribbon, zip ties, or loop hooks. Many styles have a loop on the heel ends that can be used to slip a zip tie through and pair them up. Use a large rubber band to hold shoes that have no other option. You may also just attach the tag first via a hole punched on the card.

Baby crib shoes, booties, Robeez, slippers, or other small shoes can be placed in Ziploc bags with the tag taped or pinned to the inside. Consider putting several pairs of baby shoes or booties together in a bag. We always have an abundance of these. Do not seal bags until inspected.


All toys must be in working order and clean. The better it looks, the faster it will sell. Any toy that needs batteries must include batteries so shoppers can be assured it works. Small accessory parts should be placed in a clear Ziploc bag and attached very well to the biggest piece. You may tag each piece with tags that say 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, in case they get separated, with only bar code on the first tag, or hand write on a piece of masking tape consignor # and item #. (If you print the tag 3 times, cut the bar code off 2 of them.)

Toys with missing parts will not sell and we don't want to sell them (people don't like getting home to find they bought an incomplete game or toy without all the parts!) so PLEASE make sure you have ALL the parts. Games and puzzle boxes should be tied, taped, or rubber banded and in their original package. Be thoughtful and put cards and game pieces in Ziploc bags inside the box.

The best way to secure a tag on a doll or stuffed animal is to punch a hole in your tag and tie it around the neck of the animal or pin directly to its body or clothes. Feel free to combine several small items (such as rattles, teethers, little dolls, or small toys) in a Ziploc bag for one price. Bags MUST contain like items (all dolls, all cars, all same theme). NO grab bags of misc items. Again, DO NOT seal bags with tape until after inspected.


When tagging these items, please be careful as as some tape is hard to remove and can rip covers. Tape tags to cover or box with clear scotch tape or painter's tape. You could also bag them or rubber band several together (in both directions) or tie it like a package with the tag through the string. Make sure the knots are TIGHT so it cannot come undone.

Books should be in good shape with no torn or missing pages. No workbooks with completed pages. Feel free to put several books in a bag at one price. Again, do NOT seal the bag! Peg style puzzles should be wrapped in plastic wrap or press n seal. While it seems like a good idea to tape the pieces of a wooden puzzle to the base, removing the tape can remove the pictures and ruin the puzzle! Please be careful.


Please create bedding SETS as best you can. Put 2 bassinet or play yard sheets together. Even 2 crib sheets (same size, brand, color, or theme) will sell better than 1 alone. We can no longer accept single odd pieces like a dust ruffle by itself. The exception is crib bumpers, these are OK to bring by themselves. Roll these up and tie or rubber band.

Bedding sets with many pieces and decor items should be packaged together in a giant Ziploc bag, (or bedding bag, the kind with a zipper), so shoppers can see everything. Better yet, take a picture of the set showing and listing all the pieces before you pack it up and tape it to the inside of the bag facing out. Do not seal bags as we remove and inspect each item.

Receiving blankets must be in sets of 2 or more. Match up the same style (do not mix pinks and blues!). The best presentation for larger blankets is folded and clipped to a pants hanger. Small blankets should be rolled and held with a rubber band or folded and placed in a bag.


Please clean all parts of your equipment. Spit up and food can get stuck in cracks and make stains on fabric. Some baby equipment has inserts or parts that will need to be laundered before bringing to sell. Take apart and wash all inserts and covers.

Wipe clean plastic parts, getting in the cracks and everything. Don't be one of those embarrassed parents at drop off who get asked to clean the food crumbs out of that swing or high chair!

Remember, if your equipment uses batteries, they must be included. We need to make sure it works. It doesn't matter if you only used the swing plugged in, if it has a battery compartment, put working batteries in, or you won't pass inspection.

Reminder: we do NOT accept car seats, bases, or boosters.


Make sure your furniture is in good working condition and all parts are included. Replace a broken knob or shelf. Sand or putty over knicks and bite marks in wood. Put an extra coat of paint on if necessary to make that item sell. Please plan extra time to assemble any items you bring in pieces so people can see what it looks like and how to use it (must include all the pieces).


Large toys and outdoor play equipment must be reasonably clean, free of dirt and internal water. You must include all pieces. Clean as best you can. Magic erasers work wonders on indoor toys and for big outdoor structures, use a power washer.


NEW for 2018 we are testing an adult clothing section. Note the limit of 25 items per consignor. Bring only your BEST items, we won't have a ton of rack space for this. Adult shoes are also accepted.

We accept books and DVDs for all ages (nothing X rated), bedding, small kitchen appliances, sporting and camping equipment, instruments, tools, crafts, home decor, holiday decorations, and household furniture (for larger items, please email a picture to see if we can accept what you have). New in package items are also welcome. All items must be clean, in working order, and fit into one of those categories. No random knick knacks. Beware that breakable things may get broken, so please package appropriately.

The same instructions goes as for kid stuff. Clothing hung on hangers, hook facing left. Shoes in top shape and clean. DVD case has correct movie inside, and it plays. Be sensible with your packaging, put tiny things in bigger boxes with a window. Keep pieces together. Bring only stuff you would buy and we'll have a great sale!


Next Step...

Now it's time to organize your supplies and get ready to tag.