First Time Parents, Foster Parents, and Heroes of our community, we invite you to shop during our Presale Wednesday, April 10 at 6pm

First Time Parents Shop at 6pm - MUST register

This invitation goes out to all first time moms and dads whose first/oldest child is less than 1 year old plus anyone pregnant and due with your first child or awaiting the adoption your first child. We are excited to welcome you to the world of parenthood!

All the stuff that goes along with having a baby can be expensive! Pass It On to the rescue! We have it all, from clothing and shoes to bedding and furniture. Of course you'll also find tons of toys, games, puzzles, and baby equipment galore. The prices and selection are amazing!


Hero Parents Shop at 6pm - MUST register

We extend an invitation to our local Hero community to shop our Presale at 5pm. We welcome teachers, police officers, firefighters, medical staff, and military service members.

You are our heroes! Thank you for your service to our community. Please come see what Pass It On has to offer and enjoy the savings on clothes, toys, and gear for your little ones (you might even find something for yourself too).



Foster Parents Shop at 6pm - MUST register

Foster parents need recognition too! What you do is important and significant. You are heroes too, to all the children in your care, and our community needs you! You are generous, amazing souls!

We know sometimes kids come into your lives with little notice and you have to scramble to collect the right size clothes and shoes, plus bedding, toys, and other things. Pass It On only happens twice a year, but hopefully it helps.



Register for the 6pm Presale

Click the link below and fill in the form. The system will automatically send you an email. That is your pass. Print the pass or show the email on your phone to our greeter at the door. We will check your name off the list and take your pass.

One pass admits one family, which means 1 or 2 adult parents shopping for their collective children. You may also bring your parent(s) (grandparent of the child/children).

Babies are welcome, but it is easier to shop without the distraction, so consider leaving babies with a loved one. Same goes for kids. Your choice if you want to bring them or not. If you do bring children, please keep them with you at all times.

Please only register if you fit into one of the above categories. There are a limited number of passes and this presale may fill up. Let's keep it special for those who earned it. There are other ways to get into the presale if you are not a First Time Parent, Foster Parent, or work in a Hero field.