When to Pick Up Your Unsold Items

Please come to the front of the building where you dropped off your items.

Pick Up Day is Monday, April 15, 12-8pm

Consignors are requested to make a Pick Up appointment in the same manner you made your Drop Off appointments. This will spread out the crowd and eliminate long lines.

When you arrive at pick up, go to the check-in table and present your ID or answer a personal question (such as your email address, something we have listed) to verify your identity.

We do provide boxes but you are welcome to bring bins you would like to store your items in.

Please note that anyone who says they will pick up their unsold items (choice is recorded during drop off) but does not show up or send someone to do it will be charged a $10 fine, taken out of your final check. Please be considerate. If you're not planning to pickup your unsold items, please mark all tags to Donate and we will not end up sorting out a pile for you at the end.

If you have less than 10 items on your pick up pile, there will be no fine.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Price your stuff well and you won't have anything to pick up!

Or you could be like our friend here who came to pick up and had just 3 leftover items! The cool thing with our system is you CAN TOTALLY bring any leftover items back to the next sale without retagging!

Picking up is optional and entirely up to you. We encourage people to select Donate on all of your items so there won't be anything to pick up.


Schedule a Pick Up Appointment

Appointments are scheduled in 10 minute increments.
Must be a Registered Consignor to select an appointment.
Appointments can also be made at your Consignor Homepage.

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