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Pass It On started as an idea
in 2005 by Kim Zerbe.

I had a baby and wondered, where do baby clothes and things go when you don't need them anymore? Some waits for the next baby, but what about the big stuff? What if there are no more babies on the way? People spend a lot of money on baby stuff and I thought... wouldn't it be nice to get some of that money back?!

When I first had a baby, I was overwhelmed with all the stuff we were told we “had” to have. Of course we only found out once we had our little guy home what we really needed and what, of the things we and our family and friends had bought for the baby, we really didn’t need (your list will vary). We also received a lot of clothes that our fast grower didn’t get to wear or only wore once. Once our baby became a toddler, we noticed a lot of baby equipment that was no longer needed taking up space in the house. I knew other parents were in the same boat, even if another baby comes alone, there are things we won't need again or we can all just buy what we need at another Pass It On sale and in the meantime fill that space with stuff our kids will use now!

I know tons of other parents are staring at boxes and plastic containers of baby clothes and things they may or may not use again. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pass on what we are not using to someone else who would use it, without a lot of hassle or haggling?

That was my idea. I did a lot of research and found sales like this going on in other places around the country, but none here. I thought it was time to bring it to Oregon! Our first sale in April 2006 attracted 75 consignors and filled 3200 sq ft and each sale is bigger than the last. Thank you to everyone who believed in the concept and consigned or shopped at the very first sale. And all of those who keep coming back and telling your friends! No wonder it keeps growing!

I’m excited to share my sale with other parents! I try to continuously improve the experience for everyone involved, so feel free to share your thoughts with me at any time. I love to hear new ideas.

My ultimate goal is to help families turn their clutter into cash. I know it's worthwhile to the families who participate because they tell me so! This event motivates people to clean out their closets by giving them a way to make money with little effort. What keeps people from getting rid of stuff sooner might be imagining the effort it takes to hold a garage sale or the hassle of selling things on ebay or craigslist and maybe even the feeling that the money they spent is lost when they donate it to Goodwill.

A secondary goal of organizing this event is to make some extra money for my family, allowing me to be a stay at home mom and spend most of my time and energy raising and homeschooling my son. What started off as a little extra cash has now turned into nice vacation money! It takes a lot of work to make this sale happen and I trade time away from my son to do it. He has started helping out at the sale, but it's still a long week for him.

I appreciate your interest in me and my family and look forward to making new friends during each event. Let me know if I can help you or answer any questions.

Feel free to contact me at kim@passitonsales.com.

Zerbe family ~ 2015


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