Spring 2017 Sale Schedule

This calendar shows what is going on from now until the sale happens, including the full sale schedule. Drop in meetup days are in green. Open to the public days are in yellow. Consignor important days are in lighter yellow (drop off, pick up, presale shopping).

Our tag entering deadline will be Friday night so please plan accordingly.

Decide how you want to be involved, as a consignor, volunteer, shopper, or all of the above. Check your calendar and see what works for you. We highly recommend shopping the Presale if you can!

MEETUP LOCATION INFO (Drop in any time while we are there!)

Out of This World
6255 NW Century Blvd, Hillsboro OR 97124
Check Facebook to see if there are any special deals!

Papa's Pizza Parlor
5700 NW Blueridge Dr, Beaverton OR 97006
We like to meet here on Thursdays because that's when they have their buffet.

Mom Made Market at Alpenrose Dairy
6149 SW Shattuck Rd, Portland, OR 97221
This event is on Saturday and Sunday but Kim will only be there on Saturday.

Curvy Chic Closet Sale
12505 NW Cornell Rd, Portland, OR 97229
This event runs Thursday through Sunday, but PIO will only be there on Friday.



Stop by if you'd like to register, ask questions, or get a hands on demonstration of how to use a tagging gun. Some people don't like to use PayPal, so here is a way you can pay with cash in person. We bring samples of tagged items and a box of supplies so you can see what sort of things are needed and how you might use them. We do also sell tagging guns ($12), extra barbs if you already have a gun ($3 for 1000), and cardstock paper ($1 for 15 sheets) at these events.

Some of the places on our tour have an entry fee and we go there because our kids need to get their wiggles out and we figure yours probably do too. Usually those places know we are there and don't mind if you want to pop in without your kids to chat with us or buy a quick tagging gun. They also appreciate when people do bring their kids to play or eat because it helps keep the lights on.

We try to vary our schedule days and times of day to accommodate various schedules. Some of these are around dinner times because we need to eat and we assume your family needs to eat as well, so why not eat together?! We can chat about the sale while our kids burn off some energy before bedtime. Or you might want to just pop in alone on your way home from work, that works too. (Get some food to go!)

We might add another meetup and are open to suggestions. If you know of a group we could make a presentation to, we'd be happy to visit your play group/organization or meet at an indoor play park! Let us know when and we'll make arrangements!

Everyone who stops by a Meetup will be entered to win a Presale Upgrade Pass which gets you into the presale one time slot earlier than you qualify for! Your name goes on a list and you receive the pass when you drop off your items. We usually announce the winners on Facebook.

Come join us as a shopper or consignor or both!


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