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Advertising Posters

Pin one up on a bulletin board at work (in the break room, copy room, maybe in the restroom, and for sure in any nursing mother's room). Ask a business owner you know if they will display this poster in their store window or on a notice board. Put one up in your church nursery, preschool, day care, or community board! Email us (or post on Facebook) and tell us where you put yours!

Come on consignors — The more you tell, the more you sell!

October 19-22

Pricing Guidelines
A list of items we see at our sales and common selling price ranges. This list is meant to help new consignors feel comfortable pricing their items, it is not meant as a requirement, merely a suggestion.

Car Seat Recycling
Where to recycle used car seats in Portland (especially if they are expired).

Check out the NEW info here.

You can recycle expired car seats year round free of charge at Legacy Emanuel Hospital (see info above) or at some Fix Auto locations. You can also recycle at all 6 Portland area Far West Recycling facilities. Remove the fabric and foam, these can go into your garbage can. The metal harness can go in your curbside bin. Then take the plastic shell to the nearest recycling center on your next trip. (If you go to Far West, you can put fabric, but NOT foam, in the box labeled GEMTEX.)

To find your nearest location call Metro's Recycling Info Hotline at 503-234-3000.

Worker Orientation
We want you to know what to expect when you sign up to volunteer with us. This gives a description of job duties and what types of tasks are asked of each position. It was written to help workers know what they'll be doing before they show up (instead of requiring all workers to attend a training session), but also might help you choose the job you'd like to do. As of Fall 2011, jobs are grouped together by physical requrements. If you need a sitting job, sign up for a Greeter/Hold Area job. If you sign up as a Bagger/ Merchandiser, you may request which of those jobs you'd like to do at the start of your shift, but please be willing to do whatever we need done.

Consignor Contract
Consignors, please print a copy, fill it out, and hand it in at our check-in desk when you come to Drop Off. Thank you for your help in saving time at Drop Off! If you forget your form, we will have some printed and you can fill one out there.




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