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Helpful Consignor Tips:

1. Where to find FREE hangers

These stores throw away tons of hangers every day because all new clothes come in on hangers. (I've gotten huge bags at each of these places just for asking!) Such a waste! It doesn't hurt to ask at any store though! Tons of retailers just throw them away. Get a big bag full and share with friends.

• Old Navy (depends on the manager, apparently!)
• Osh Kosh
(at Seaside, Woodburn, Troutdale, or other outlets)
• Carter's
(same as above)
Dry Cleaners will give away used wire hangers
Take your chances asking at Kohl's, Target, Kmart, Walmart, Ross, TJ Maxx, or similar stores, sometimes they have hangers to give away.

Search Craigslist or Freecycle for free hangers! Oregon is all about recycling, people would rather pass it on than throw away something useful! Post on our Facebook page if you find another good source! Or collect them up and get them to Kim or Jenna and we'll distribute them.

2. Where to find CHEAP hangers

Dollar Stores usually carry children's hangers in 10 or 12 packs and adult hangers in 8 packs. (Yes, for $1.)

Bi-Mart carries children's and adult hangers, when on sale they have 10 for $.79, but regular price is just $.99.

Target sometimes has 25 hangers for $2. Keep checking for sales.

WALMART should be another good source for cheap hangers.

IKEA also sometimes has great prices on hangers.

Curvy Chic Closet Sale will give away hangers during and at the end!

3. Where to buy cheap paper

You can buy card stock or index paper at most office supply stores (Office Max, Office Depot, Staples) or Amazon or any place that sells paper products. I also tend to have paper on hand at our Consignor Meetups, selling 15 sheets for $1.

4. Other supply tips

Some Dollar Stores sell safety pins in packs of 200. Please only use 1 inch pins on clothes. Larger ones leave holes in clothes and smaller ones pop open and are harder to use. But if you are using safety pins, it might be worth stopping by a workshop where we give them away for free!

Dollar Tree carries cheap batteries. Better than having your non-working item refused!

Harbor Freight also carries cheap batteries; watch for their frequent sales. Sometimes they also have cheap packing tape and zip ties.

Target carries a generic Magic Eraser in their laundry section. Tide stain sticks are also great to have in your sale supply kit.

Dollar Tree has large Ziploc-style bags (that are clear and do not say Ziploc on them) that are great for containing larger sets of toys that could be separated. You can get 3 large size bags or 2 extra large bags for $1. This is a cheap way to make sure your stuff stays together.

Don't forget to save those wonderful clear zippered bags you get when you buy new sheet sets or comforters! These are perfect for containing toys with lots of parts. We can help you secure the zipper shut at drop off after we've inspected the contents.

5. Tagging Guns

Using a tagging gun is the best way to tag clothing and other items with fabric because the tags don't fall off and can't be switched. We have an inexpensive supplier for tagging guns if you are interested. This is totally optional. You do not have to use this type of tagging gun. Safety pins work nicely too.

These typically sell for $25-35 retail, and there is a store near OMSI that sells them for $18. Through this source below, you can get a tagging gun as seen here with 1 loaded needle and 1000 2" or 3" barbs for $8, and this does include shipping, but it takes 2-3 weeks. You can check out right on that site by using PayPal.


Be aware it takes about 10 days to come from China, so make sure you allow plenty of time to receive your order. We usually have some on hand, so please contact Kim (I live in Hillsboro). It's $12, but you'll have it today.

Please use caution when using a tagging gun, especially if you do not have retail clothing experience. Always place the needle in a seam, either in the armpit, end of sleeve, side of pants, or somewhere unnoticeable, so you don't damage the garment. The tag at the back of the neck works nicely too. Practice before ruining your clothes.

Watch the basic instructional video here before using. There is also an advanced video for troubleshooting.

6. Loop Pins

The source listed above also sells a product called Loop Pins which you might want to add to your order. They are similar to zip ties as they fasten in a loop, but they snap into place end to end and cannot be tightened.

You can get 500 5" loop pins for $5 including shipping. You do not need a tagging gun to use these. These are perfect for attaching tags to shoes, toys, and some baby gear. You might want to laminate the top of your tag with a layer of tape first. They also work on clothes (like through the tag loop at neck, a button hole, or the belt loop of pants), but a tagging gun is cheaper in the long run. Kim also has some of these on hand.

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