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What is a Consignment Event?

PASS IT ON is a ginormous children's consignment sales event that happens twice a year, in the spring and fall (in 2015 we did 3 sales!), in Hillsboro (or Beaverton), Oregon. It's an opportunity for parents to buy and sell their gently used (or new) items their kids have either outgrown or never used. Our sales feature baby, kids and maternity clothes, accessories, shoes, toys, books, games, furniture, equipment, and much more – basically anything related to raising children from babies to tweens!

PASS IT ON brings buyers and sellers together in one location for several days of shopping bliss. Pass on the things you don't need any more to someone who does! Recycle your stuff, it's good for the environment!

Clean out your closets & turn clutter into cash!

Do you have baby clothes, furniture, and toys piled up in your garage? How would you like to get rid of it and turn it into cash? Just bring your gently used items to us and we’ll do the work for you. All you do is tag your items, drop them off at our sale location a few days before the sale begins, and wait for your check in the mail!

Consignors earn 65% of their sales and prices are set by the sellers. Those who volunteer earn even MORE! Read about how our consignment sale works using the menu on the left, then register and get your stuff ready to sell or just come enjoy the shopping!

No more hosting garage sales where you sit around all day and people try to talk your prices down. No more listing on craigslist or ebay hoping someone will want your whole lot and underselling just to get rid of it.

Hunting for bargains? This is the place!

Shop once and you'll be hooked! There are so many good deals on clothes and things for kids of all ages (and pregnant moms too). No need to shop overpriced malls and department stores. No more running from garage sale to garage sale for a few good deals. We have it all right here.

PASS IT ON eliminates the guess work of shopping seasonal retail sales, where you try to stock up on next year's seasonal clothes (like buying Christmas outfits in January) when you don't know for sure what size your child will be wearing next year. Shop PASS IT ON in the spring for this year’s summer outfits. You know your child's current size and you can also return to our next sale in 6 months and shop for the next size or season. The same goes for toys. Buy what your child is interested in now, and if he is done with it in a year or didn't really like it, just bring it back to another PASS IT ON event and sell it!

Many moms tell us how they bought an entire winter wardrobes for 2 kids for under $200 (they also bought shoes, toys, and books for that price!). Check out the testimonials and look at our photo gallery. Then mark the sale dates on your calendar so you don't miss out!

Donations help local families.

PASS IT ON helps local families in need. Sellers have the option of donating whatever doesn't sell during our sale and we take care of getting it there.

Items from the sale go to Northwest Children's Outreach, a non-profit organization with locations in Hillsboro, in Beaverton near Washington Square Mall, Park Rose close to the Portland airport, in the Pearl District, and Vancouver, WA. Each location is a warehouse which supplies over 100 other organizations within the Metro Portland and Vancouver areas. Things go from there right to people who need them. Anything they cannot take goes to Birch Community Services.

NOTE: Any consignor who does not want to donate their unsold items may pick them up at the end of the sale during our pickup period. You can even leave the tags on and sell at our next sale (except for obvious seasonal clothing, you'd need to hold onto those for a year) as long as you don't change anything on the tag. If you change the price, or discount or donate options, you will need to print a new tag. You just have to store it and the whole point of this sale is to help you get rid of clutter, so think about donating!


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