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When to Pick Up Your Unsold Items

Please come to the front entrance of the building where you dropped your items off.

Pick Up is
Monday, October 23



Please consult the following schedule for your earliest pickup time. You may always come later than your listed time, up until 8pm when we load the donation truck. There are approximately 80-100 consignors in each group.

Consignor #1-1200................2pm
Consignor #1201-2000...........3pm
Consignor #2001-2600...........4pm
Consignor #2601-3000...........5pm
Consignor #3001-3199...........6pm
Consignor #3201 & higher.......7pm

Please don't arrive earlier than your specified time so our pickup process runs smoothly for everyone. If it is unavoidable and you must come earlier than your group, please be patient as we do our best to help you. We check each and every box that leaves, so you will leave with YOUR items and not someone else's. Just know that after you leave, it is possible that we may find some of your items in someone else's pile, at which point we would reference our book and see that you had picked up early and your found items would be donated.

In the event that we are completely ready to accept ALL consignors at any time (this happened spring 2012!), we will send and email the night before (when sort goes so well we are done checking every box!) and you can come at ANY time. But ONLY if we send that email. Otherwise, stick to the above please.

When you arrive to pickup, go to the check-in table and present your ID or you will be asked a personal question (such as your email address) to verify.

Whatever is still in the building at 9pm at the end of pick up day goes on the donation truck. If you can't make it, send your husband, sister, mom, or friend.

We want to release your things to the correct person, so if you're not planning to show up in person, please let us know at drop off if you know the name of the person who will be picking up. Otherwise whoever comes to pick up your things will be asked your personal information (such as the street you live on) and we will write down their name so we know who came. This is for your protection.

Please note that anyone who says they will pick up their unsold items (choice is recorded during drop off) but does not show up or send someone to do it will be charged a $10 fine, taken out of your final check. This determines how we resort everything. It is fairly easy to pull the donated items first (we just look for the big black DOT on every tag and pull those out). It takes much more time to sort everything down by number. Please be considerate. If you're not planning to pickup your unsold items, please mark all tags to Donate and we will not end up sorting out a pile for you at the end.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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