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Pass It On Presale
(must have a pass to attend)

Please note: No children before 3pm
except babies being worn in a sling, wrap, or carrier.
No diaper bags, backpacks, or large purses are allowed during any
day of the sale. Children under 10 may attend only after 3pm. Children
ages 10-18 may accompany a parent at any time parent enters.
Please keep your children with you at all times.

Volunteer Presale Schedule
Wednesday, October 18

Team Members
5+ shifts.....................10am
4 shifts.......................11am
2-3 shifts....................12pm
1 shift..........................1pm
Meal Provider...............1pm

Children under 10 after 3pm

VIP Ticket Guests.........5pm
First Time Parents........6pm

Doors close at 8pm


Consignors are those who brought items to sell. To become a consignor, click the Register to Sell link on the left and follow the instructions.

Team Members are those who volunteer to work with us during the sale doing various tasks like building racks, stocking merchandise, bagging sold items and greeting shoppers. Click the Volunteer link on the left for more info on how you can help us out and shop a day earlier than the general public.

Shop early to get the good stuff!

nly those with a valid pass will be admitted.

One pass is given out per consignor or volunteer. If you have earned a pass, it is your responsibility to obtain it during drop off and bring it when you come to shop. Lost passes can be replaced for $20 at the door. One per consignor or volunteer, we track this on our Master List.

Each pass holder may bring 1 guest. The guest who accompanies you must be your immediate family member. You may bring your spouse, partner, mom, dad, or parent-in-law. Children age 10 and older are also welcome to shop with their parents. After 3pm shoppers may also bring their own children under age 10 who must stay with their parent at all times. Babies being worn in a sling or carrier are welcome anytime.

If your friend wants to check out the presale, your friend needs to sign up to sell stuff or volunteer and get her own pass (this goes for sisters too). Please respect our policy. We intend to keep this shopping time special for those who have earned it.

First Time Parents Presale!

Pregnant for the first time? Or is your first child less than a year old? You are invited to shop the evening before we open to the general public!

Click here for more info.

October 18


Half Price Presales!

ALL Team Members (except Meal/Snack Shift) are invited to shop the Half Price stuff before we open that to the public on Sunday! We have a Workers Only Half Price Presale on Saturday night, see below for times by location.

October 21


Public shopping ends at 5pm. We try to clear shoppers out as soon as possible, then take 30 minutes to organize the merchandise and allow Team Leads to begin shopping. We'll reopen the doors at 6pm for this Volunteer Only Presale.

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