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Pass It On Consignor Registration

You should read all the links in the left menu before signing up, but here's an overview of how to participate as a seller. Scroll down if you've read this and just want to register.

Click here for our Consignor Meeup Schedule.

REGISTER for this sale and you will automatically be assigned a consignor number (or use your existing number if you have one). This number prints on all of your tags. That’s how we’ll track your sales and know how much to pay you. Click the link below to become a Pass It On Consignor.

  • Submit at least 20 items or a total value of $100 (this could be just 1 or 2 big items) to get a pass to shop the Consignor's Presale (You are welcome to submit less stuff, just consider the fees involved and you won't gain access to the Consignor's Presale as this is a perk for serious sellers.)
  • You set the prices. (If you need help with pricing, review our Pricing Guide in the Downloads section.)
  • Our consignors are generally conscious of quality, and everything is inspected, so please don't bring anything you wouldn't buy.
  • Everyone gets 65% of their sales (to earn up to 80%, see Incentives below).
  • Checks are mailed within 30 days of the end of sale.
  • There is a $10 participation fee that must be paid up front to register for each sale you wish to sell in. Instructions will follow once you click below to register. This fee is non-refundable, but depending on the circumstances may be carried over to a future sale at our discretion.

ORGANIZE the items you want to sell (gather it all in one area) as well as the supplies needed for tagging. Read the instructions on What to Sell & How to Prep, and don't forget the More Tips page.

ENTER your items into our online inventory system. Detailed help is on the Inventory page. All items must be tagged via this system.

DROP OFF your goods at the sale during our posted Drop Off times. It's best to make a drop off appointment, but walk-ins are always welcome. We try to accommodate appointments first, so please be patient if you don't have one.

SHOP at the sale or presale! (Totally optional of course, but most sellers also shop.) Consignors are invited to shop the Consignor Presale the day before we open to the public! A fabulous perk just for selling with us!

JOIN OUR TEAM and help out during the sale! (Also optional, but if you volunteer during the event, you get to shop the bargains first at our Volunteer Presale, which is even earlier than the Consignor Presale!) Working can also earn you a higher percentage of your sales.

PICK UP your unsold items at the end of the sale OR choose to have them donated to a local charity. Anything not picked up by the end of the sale is automatically donated. You get the tax write off, so if you might donate anything, make sure you get a tax receipt during drop off check-in.

Then wait for your check in the mail, it’s that easy!

Please note: Clicking either link below begins the registration process. The system will direct you to pay your $10 participation fee via PayPal. You can use a credit card without having a PayPal account. If you do NOT wish to pay via PayPal, follow the links to see an alternative way to pay and register. Follow us on Facebook to find out how to register in person at our Consignor Workshops.

New Consignors: If you have never been issued a consignor number with any Pass It On Sale, please click here.

New Consignor

Returning Consignors: If you have at any time been issued a consignor number for Pass It On, click the Returning Consignor link. If your email has changed since you last consigned and you can't remember your password, contact Kim to get that fixed. We would love to have you use the same number you've had instead of getting a new one.


The deadline to enter items is
Friday, October 13 at 11:59pm.

Extra Incentives:

Join our Team to earn a higher percentage and earlier shopping pass!

We need help with various job duties throughout the sale. Shifts are posted online and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up early to get the shift that works best for you. (Read the Volunteer page for more details and to sign up.)

Team Participation Levels







Max # of shifts anyone can sign up for online: 3
If you'd like to work more than 3 shifts, please
view the details on the Volunteer page and email Kim or Jenna and tell us your experience.

View the Volunteer Schedule here
without signing up.

We pay you to refer your friends!

Refer a friend and we'll give you $5! (You and your friend must both bring items to sell.) Make sure your friend knows to choose the OTHER field during registration and write your name in the Referred By so we'll know who gets credit for the referral. There's NO LIMIT to the number of friends you can refer or bonuses you can collect! This is added to your final check and you will see it on your Seller Report.

We can be a Fundraiser for your school or non-profit!

  • Sign your school up as a consignor.
  • Advertise to get your parents to bring their items to your school to donate to your fundraiser.
  • Your volunteers tag it all up and bring it to the sale drop off.
  • Pass It On will donate 5% to your school or organization, so you will get 5% more than whatever level you would normally earn. So instead of 65%, PIO will donate 5% so your organization gets 70% right off the bat.
  • Send us workers to fill our shifts and your school or group can earn up to 80% of your sales! We appreciate all the help we can get!
  • We've had several schools do this and they have earned as much as $2000.

All volunteers from your school can shop during the basic Worker Presale too, just make sure we give you enough passes for all of your volunteers since their names will not be on our schedule (we'll only have your school name or the organization name you registered). The more the merrier! They help your school and we reward them for their time!

Let us know if you are interested! Email Kim for details. I can even send you a flier for our event to pass out or email to your students' parents.

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