Testimonials from Shoppers

I just wanted to tell you how much Pass it On has helped us. We moved here a little over 3 years ago from New Mexico. We struggled for the first 2 years and buying clothing for our growing daughter almost broke the bank. Thanks to Pass it On, we are able to clothe our daughter year round for around $200!!! That never would have happened had we shopped retail. I highly recommend Pass it On to everyone I know.

However, the most pleasant thing about this sale isn't in the clothes racks. It's in the personal touch. I had spoken to you only once before and was very honored that you remembered me from the previous sale. I go to a lot of places during one week and have a hard time remembering who I spoke to yesterday. Not you, you take the time to actually say hi to nearly everyone who passes through the door. In today's world, that is a rarity.

Thank you so much Kim for all that you have done to make children's shopping so affordable and pleasurable. You also provide a charity that is much needed in our community. By donating everything that is not sold, you and the consigners are helping the entire community. With your one simple idea, you have helped scores of people. Thank you again Kim.

Can't wait for the next sale,

Renee (Portland mom of 1)
A VERY dedicated Pass it On shopper.


PIO sale is a national holiday to me! I look forward to each sale. Truely a great sale for people on a budget not wanting (or realizing they don't need) to buy everything new. Really a great selection and great quality. I am truely a fan.

Kari (Aloha mom of 2)


The Pass It On sales are great! Name brand clothes at awesome prices! All the items are either new or gently used. There's no junk here. Everything at the sale is worth having if you need it. I've bought clothes & toys for my daughter there for the past 2 years. Lots of fun. Lots of stuff. Lots of savings! I highly recommend that you check it out!

Jenica (Milwaukie Mom of 1)


Pass It On is THE ONLY sale I shop at! I've wasted time at other sales but will waste no more. The quality and selection simply can't be beat. They have everything you can imagine and there's plenty for everyone! The bargains are amazing and the whole place is so well organized. Pass It On is the best run sale around. The checkout lines move deceptively fast even though there are a ton of people there. I highly recommend this sale above all others in the Portland area, save yourself the hassle, you will not be disappointed!

Mary (Vancouver mom of 2)


This is seriously Christmas for adults! It is an event I look forward to twice a year so I can stock up on all those essentials at a super low price. I'm always amazed at how much I come home with for the amount I spent. Items are quality and the fun is immense. I can't wait!

Cami (Hillsboro mom of 1)


I take a day off work every time the sale comes; it is one of the most exciting days of the year for me! I come home and make my husband look at each and every amazing item I bought. We are both always so pleased to have this sale available and that it helps us live more "green." Every year it just gets better!

Jen (Hillsboro mom of 2)


I love the Pass It On Sale! I start making a list a couple of months in advance of what my two girls are growing out of so when I get to the sale I know exactly where to go and what size to look for. I always spend about $100 and come out with bags of new goodies for the girls. I am looking forward to the next sale and already have my list started.

Jacqueline (Portland mom of 2)


Pass it On is the best place to get children's items. I have always found what I was looking for in addition to being able to get most of my children's wardrobes for the upcoming seasons. I go every spring and fall. I was leary of it the first time I went, just not knowing what to expect, but have since fallen in love with it and now I am totally addicted to going to every one.

Sierra (Portland mom of 2)


We drive over an hour each way for this sale because it is THAT AWESOME!!! The deals you can get on kids' clothes and toys simply can't be beat. We get Grandma to watch the kids so we can concentrate on the shopping, it can get crazy, so we divide and conquer. Mom buys clothes while Dad shops for toys and books and he always manages to come away with a unique find. We make lists of what we need, but there's always some amazing thing you didn't know you needed!

Tom and Annie (Seaside parents of 3)


Last Fall was my first experence with PIO. With having a newborn and not able to afford a lot of new things for her, the sale was a gift from GOD! I went and shopped the Preview sale and came home with an exersaucer and toys for X-mas and clothes to last me until now. I also went on Sunday and shopped the 1/2 off sale and found some more and I saved easily over $500 shopping PIO. This year [2010] I am a consignor. Can't wait to shop in MAY!

Michelle (Hillsboro mom of 1)


I have been attending the PIO sales since before my daughter was born... she is turning 3 this year! I love the great quality and brand named clothing I can get for more than 50% off the retail price! With 3 children the sale allows me to spend a fraction of what I would at a retail store. I look forward to buying ...and selling every year!

Audrey (NW Portland mom of 3)


I always look forward to the Pass It On sale every spring and fall. I get my kids' wardrobes in one place without needing to go to tons of garage sales. I like having the vendor booths there to browse and I love the variety of clothes and products available for sale.

Erika (Beaverton mom of 2)


I went to this event for the first time last year [2008] and I could not believe how awesome it was. The place was organized, there were tons of volunteers to ask questions of and the quality of the product was awesome. I love how the moms price things so other moms can afford them. I found boots, halloween costumes, and tons of stuff that was very unique. I can't wait to be able to make it to this one again!

Delia (Hillsboro mom of 1)


I wanted to share THE biggest score ever and it happened at your 2007 fall sale. My 10-yr-old daughter brought me a coat that she fell in love with. A white ski jacket, BRAND new with tags still on, priced at $125.00!!! And we bought it for a tiny little price of $14.00!!!! Although it is white, it washes well and our daughter is THRILLED. And the parents, well we couldn't be happier either!

Thank you for all your hard work and for making this awesome resource available to the community.

Dennette (Hillsboro mom of 4)


My name is Dina and I took my husband to the last sale in October [2007]. I had to drag him there against his will, that is until he walked in. He was off! He was grabbing stuff and running around. I couldn’t help but to sit back and laugh!! Thank you, I needed that!

Anyway I am due the first week of March and just found out that we are having another boy not a girl. I do know that you are having another sale here in the beginning of the year but am unsure when it is. Can you please forward that information to me? I am basically going to have my “baby shower” there at your sale! We are going to go to breakfast, make a list, and then come shop the sale. Any pointers would be helpful. Thank you again!

Dina (Hillsboro mom of 2)
(I sent info and pointers and she had a great "shower" at PIO!)


Ii just wanted to thank you for making the Pass It On sale happen. We just had a baby in Sept (2007) and I went to my first sale this past March, while still pregnant. We've saved so much from the two sales we went to that it made having our little boy a lot less stressful because of the money we saved.


An appreciative Mom,
Tommi (Portland mom of 1)


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I got these pants at the last sale!


Shop til you drop at Pass It On!


Two savvy sisters hit the sale.


Reese shops from her stroller.


Like mother like daughter!.


Dads love the sale too!


Do I need this? The price is right!


All this shopping made me sleepy!

(Photos are not related to letters.)

We volunteer so we can shop early!


One consignor checking her stuff in.


Greeter Julie with her newborn!


Jade and Lily are at every sale.


Lisa brought her youngest to work!


Steal of a deal on this music kit!


A whole tub full of deals.


Get your formal wear here!

Testimonials from Consignors & Volunteers

Oh... PIO... how do I adore thee? Let me count the ways! I love watching and being part of the process. I set aside time to get away from the busy life of being a full time mom of 6 kids and do something different for a few days. Organizing and preparing my kids stuff is a more appropriate farewell to the memories attached to the stuff, versus just tossing it in a box at Goodwill.

Watching a huge empty building get filled wall to wall with kids stuff in a matter of days. Getting to know the other volunteers and consignors. Taking first dibs on great deals at the presale. Watching my sold items racking up at the end of each day. Extra pocket $$. Something to look forward to every 6 months! (Oh, how I could go on!)

Sarah (Beaverton mom of 6)


Pass it On has become a way for me to buy EVERYTHING my son needs and pass on those things he no longer needs. A perfect model of reduce, reuse and recyle.

Jennifer (Hillsboro mom of 1)


I couldn't believe how much $$ I made my first time selling! And how easy it was (once I got the hang of it) to tag my stuff, what a great system. Now I'm glad I worked a shift and got an extra 5%, but at the time I just wanted to shop earlier, lol. I made more than I spent at the Presale! Now I'm hooked!

Kelly (Sherwood mom of 2)


My friend turned me on to this sale... when I was still pregnant. I've been fanatical ever since (sometimes taking time off work to volunteer so I can get into the sale *that* much sooner!).

The best part of this sale is being able to recycle/reuse/reduce all of those baby items that get so little use! But also, I love saving money. AND I love having everything in one place. I often find myself seeing something there that I didn't know I needed and it totally makes my life easier! Then while I'm working, I can tell other moms how awesome it is and they need one too!

All the baby equipment I have has been previously used (except the car seat), mostly bought from Pass It On, and I'm super-proud of that fact. I imagine that I will continue going until my kid(s) have grandkid(s). :) Love it!

Britney (NW Portland mom of 1 so far!)


I have shopped and have been a consignor at PIO Hillsboro for five sales now. It is a great place to find coats, boots, shoes, and clothes at great prices! Most consignors don't charge too much for their items and I appreciate that! I don't charge much for my items either because it's all about families helping families! It's a good way to make a few bucks more than you would at a garage sale and get great deals in return. The dollar dash on the last day of the sale is great too. You pick up your items that didn't sell and can purchase the donated items for $1 each. I love this sale and will continue shopping at this sale for many years to come.

Sarah (Hillsboro mom of 3)


There are many aspects that make Pass It On the best sale around, but what stands out more than the well organized racks and tables, excellent displays of shoes and books, or the fast moving checkout lines is the people who put it on. Kim surrounds herself with top quality people who love helping others and put in long hours to make it happen. I volunteered during drop off and when the shift was over and some people left, many of us stayed into the night (without being asked or coerced) to make sure everything was neat and in the right place. I was having too much fun to quit! Whenever someone had to leave Kim thanked them for their help and for staying beyond the end of their shift and every one said they were glad to do it. Amazing things go on behind the scenes! We all feel it's our sale too!

Melissa (Hillsboro mom of 1)


I love PIO. I don't remember how many years now it's been. I like it when I do find time to consign. I like being able to make some money to buy new stuff at the sale and often I end up spending more than I make. But always feel I get my money's worth. I tell friends and relatives to come shop. My best finds have been at PIO (like Carhartts). Fingers crossed I can consign and shop at the May Sale. My son will be 6 years old so I'm hoping more people will consign bigger boys clothes.

Tina (Forest Grove mom of 1)


You are amazing Kim. I am so impressed with everything you've done to put together such a smooth and efficient event. The website is so well done and your instructions are impeccable. And of course, the presale yesterday was awesome. I like checking my totals online and I'm so glad to be involved in this. Thanks for doing this for our community.

Amy (NW Portland mom of 1)


I just printed my tags and I have to say I loved this system. After doing this so long the old way I was not thrilled about a change. It was so much easier and I can look to see what sold so I can better price my stuff in the future. What a great idea (wish I would have thought of it).

Briana (Tigard mom of 2)


I just wanted to let you know, as I am sure many others are also doing, how much I enjoyed my first PIO experience. I found is very easy to get everything prepared and even though I live in NE Portland and the drive was a long one, the drop off and shopping was fantastic. Over a third of the items that I bought were new with a tag and several others were really “worn once”. The quality and organization were great. I bought up the entire 3T pajama section! I was also very pleased with how well my items sold, 129 of 182 items, that’s 70%! I was impressed with how many toys sold, I wasn’t expecting that.

Overall I was very impressed. I will certainly participate in the Spring sale over Just Between Friends as I heard that, even though it is closer to my house, they are not so picky and not as organized. Now that I am familiar with the system and will not be sitting on three years of stuff I will be getting it organized through the year so submitting items for the next sale will be a snap.

Thank you, we are excited to get our check!

Sarah (NE Portland mom of 3)


Wow! What a great help you have been to a new mom trying to participate in your franchise. You must be constantly asking yourself, "why do I do this, again?" You are on the ball girl. From your insightful web page to your timely responses. I could not do what it is you do. Bravo!

I'm so lucky I have a great husband helping me fill out price tags until midnight or this would have never happened for us. Between, diapers, formula, and all the rest every little bit sure does help. Thanks again for your help.

Andrea (Hillsboro mom of 1)


I wanted to let you know what a great job you and your husband did on this sale! I heard so many compliments while working from workers, shoppers, and fellow consignees.

I heard that people liked the new location (better flow and larger), loved the printed itemized receipts, and just the overall improved organization of all the stuff. I think each sale just keeps getting better and better! Congrats and great job!

Jennifer (Aloha mom of 1)


And here's a letter one of our loyal consignors sent to everyone on her mailing list (edited for space, and no I did NOT ask her to do this!):

Hello everyone!

I know some of you are thinking “HUH? Why is she sending this to ME?” WELL… either you have kids of your own, OR you have friends that have kids, OR perhaps you are the grandparent of some cute kids. Either way, please feel free to forward this message on to as many people as may be interested in great deals on excellent quality children's clothing and MORE…

You MUST check out the Pass It On sale this weekend. I worked for 6 hours today racking up several THOUSAND clothing items in all sizes imaginable for the sale, which runs this Fri-Sat-Sun.

You will not BELIEVE how much stuff there is out there and the kind of prices folks are asking for gently used childrens clothing and shoes, toys, cribs and bedding, strollers galore, highchairs, costumes, dance clothes, diapers & nursing items, décor, and maternity gear – it will just amaze you!

Head over and get some good deals - but go EARLY as the lines WILL get long. And Sunday is 50% off the price of MANY items… even better deals!

Here’s the link to the sale for info, hours, and directions: www.passitonsales.com

Happy Shopping!

Deb (SW Portland mom of 2 — we just love Deb!)



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