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First Time Parents Presale

This invitation goes out to all first time moms and dads whose first/oldest child is less than 1 year old plus anyone pregnant with your very first child or awaiting the adoption your very first child. We are excited to welcome you to the world of parenthood and invite you to attend a special Presale shopping event at Pass It On Hillsboro. We hold a Private Presale the day before we open to the general public. New Parent shopping time is 6-8pm.

Pass It On is THE place to shop for things you need. We have it all, from clothing and shoes to bedding and furniture. Of course you'll also find tons of toys, games, puzzles, and baby equipment galore. The prices and the selection are amazing!

Tickets for this event are $10 per person and can be purchased by clicking on the link below. Each person who enters the sale is required to have a valid pass so please purchase accordingly. This is a limited opportunity and we anticipate passes will sell out in advance of the sale. Once we've sold out, the Paypal button below will no longer be available.

Pass It On
New Parents

October 18,

To purchase tickets for the
PIO New Parents Presale,
use this Paypal button & choose the number of tickets you need.

How many shoppers?


Once you finish with PayPal, print your receipt or be prepared to show it on your phone to our Door Greeter at the sale. Your name will be crossed off our list.

These tickets ARE transferrable, so if you become unavailable to use your pass, just email your pass to a friend. Be careful though, if you later decide to use your pass, you need to tell your friend! The first one to enter will get in and your name will be crossed of our list. The second one to try to use the same pass will be denied entry, so please plan accordingly!

It's best if you can leave your baby with a care giver. You will be better able to focus on the task at hand with the distraction, but you are welcome to bring your child if you need to.

PLEASE NOTE: The New Parent Presale is held AFTER the Consignor Presale. That means if you are already consigning with us, you will get a pass to shop with the Consignors at 3pm so there's no need to purchase tickets to the First Time Parent Presale. If you would like to shop even earlier that day, come volunteer with us! One-shift volunteers shop at 1pm! Please visit the volunteer page for more details if you are interested in shopping earlier.

e also have a 5pm VIP Presale!

The only way to get into the 5pm VIP Presale time is to WIN this pass! Pass It On gives away a small number of VIP tickets to a 5pm Presale. Some are given directly to our vendors (who may give them out to their top customers or hold a contest where the ticket is the prize), others will be given to the winners of various contests. Join our mailing list and Facebook page to find out about how to win tickets. These tickets will become especially HOT after the online tickets have sold out! Of course you can just play it safe, avoid the stress and buy your ticket early!

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