Fall 2007

Our fifth sale was in October 2007 at the Armory again. Only 7 weeks between sales, a fast turnaround!
We grew to 220 consignors. We were prepared for growth, but this was huge. It seemed that each and every consignor brought a tremendous amount of items, mostly clothes! We had the 2 50ft racks for boys and girls (remember that's 200ft of bars), and rounders for maternity, but we had also acquired around 150ft of rolling racks which we thought would be great for checkins and maybe we'd need some on the floor. We used every single one of those on the floor and ALL racks were jam packed! We even held some clothes (mostly mine) in a back room until we could get them out (all day Friday we refreshed the racks so they actually stayed packed for a long time).

Some people said it was too crowded to shop. Things were not as organized as I like. We were short on volunteers, yet the cashiers and detaggers kept up with the lines really well. This was still a good sale. We always learn from our experiences. We listen to the negative comments and find ways to improve the process the next time. We grew a lot and many new people were exposed to Pass It On. We had increased our advertising efforts this time and had some good exposure in the newspapers.

We were elated to see the line of shoppers outside our door again!
They were happily waiting for 9am.
Overview of the very packed room.
Clothes, clothes, and more clothes.
Close up of the girls rack.
Dedicated racks of jackets.
Did I mention we had clothes?!
Pretty packed, but they managed.
Oh yeah, we also had toys!
And Halloween costumes galore! This is only 1 of 3 full racks of costumes we had! And most sold!
Jade and Lily, my best volunteers. Even on chemo, Jade could not stay away from working the sale!
Strollers overflowed between the racks (where the checkout line was supposed to go) until stuff sold.
Jade shopping with her daughter.
Reese is camera shy!
Enzo shopped til he dropped!

Geoff gets ready to ring up sales. Or is he configuring our network?

Robin always has a smile on her face and loves to work the register.
Sorting stuff leftover at the end. We finally have this process down!


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