Fall 2008

Our seventh sale was in September 2008. We rented a 2-story building from Heritage Christian School.
We had outgrown the Armory so it was time to move. After such an awesome sale, we knew we'd grow again! We almost used an empty warehouse, then this school became available and we went for it. The layout wasn't great because of the stairs, but the space was 10,000 sq ft so we worked with it. We put the clothes, toys, and just about everything upstairs in the 7,000 sq ft open room. Then we had furniture and large equipment downstairs in a 2000 sq ft room with the detagging and checkout across the hall. It actually worked really well. Our biggest issue was parking, there just wasn't enough during our busiest times and that was frustrating.

We had 300 consignors and sold 20,000 items, so plenty of people found plenty of good things! We did a really relaxed 9-day schedule this time; we set up on Sat, drop offs began on Sun, then we had time in the middle of the week (2 mornings) to rest! (This only happened because they didn't charge extra to rent for 9 days.) Poor Geoff built another 50ft of racks so we had 2 for boys and 2 for girls (for a total of 1600 linear ft of bars) plus maternity, costumes, and more. We had 16 vendors at the sale (some upstairs and some down) and the Goody Bags were extemely full, thanks to Jen who worked hard soliciting sponsors. We had 4 cashiers, 2 credit card machines, 2 cash registers, and 6 detaggers instead of 4. The lines moved really smoothly (except on Friday morning for a little while!). We're thinking about adding a 5th computer. And it's time for a second location...

Two friends and their babies happily wait to get inside.
So many moms, patiently waiting for the doors to open.
It's too early in the morning to be this cheerful!
Racks and racks of clothes.
Colorful toys fill the tables.
Movies fill several racks.
Find your size and start looking!
Which Elmo will you take home?
So many toys, it's hard to choose!
Pick me! Pick me!
Bins of accessories to dig through.
Ride-on toys are always popular.
A sea of hats.
Bouncy seats galore.
Play mats in a line.
Downstairs had the big stuff.
So many stylish cribs!
Bassinets, high chairs, and swings, oh my!

Even dads get in on the fun.

These triplets are regulars at PIO.
All this shopping wore me out!


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