Fall 2009

Our ninth sale in October 2009, utilized the entire Main Hall at the Washington County Fairgrounds.
It went pretty much the same as the spring sale only much bigger. More consignors. More shoppers. More merchandise. More checkouts. Just more of everything! We actually had a pretty big jump in the number of consignors, 450 up from 300 in the spring!

We thought we handled the growth pretty well in most regards. We built more 50ft long clothing racks and brought in a lot more round and portable racks. There were 8 checkout registers on Friday morning with 2 cash only cashiers and an express detagging lane, which really cut down on the time shoppers had to wait in line. We had some fabulous new and returning vendors at the sale. Nicole was on hand to paint the faces of our littlest shoppers (and some of the workers!), Little Pixels Studio offered an onsite mini photo session for just $10 (we hope she'll return!), and Clear provided WiMax coverage for our computers.

At the end of the sale, we found out the hard way that our sale is now too large to fit into a 7-day schedule. Our volunteers worked tirelessly for a whole week setting up, inspecting every item, organizing the merchandise, helping shoppers find, put on hold, and purchase all sorts of things, but the hardest part was sorting down the items that didn't sell and vacating the building on Sunday. Look for an exciting extended schedule next spring!

Shoppers start lining up early!
Rows of clothes are waiting.
The toys are all lined up...
... and organized by age and type.
Play yards, high chairs, and more.
Halloween costumes hung by size.
Volunteers are ready to help!
Cashiers chomping at the bit!
Setting up the checkout ropes.
Whoa, look at that line!
Open the door already!
Shoppers released! Here we go!!!
We've got what you need!
You never know what you'll find.
Remember to look everywhere!
Then head to the checkout area.
The clothing prices can't be beat!
Got some essentials for my baby.
Our family loves games!
Put your bag on hold while you keep shopping and fill another.
Fall sales always feature holiday wear for boys and girls.
Where else can you find a holiday dress this cheap?! Why pay retail?
Hundreds of books, movies, puzzles.
This shopper has a full bag!
No problem finding great deals here!
Macaroni Grill treats us to samples.
One vendor displays hand bags.
Little Pixels did kid photo shoots!
Sorting supplies during down time.
Here's what's left on the last day!
That's ALL I spent?! Woohoo!


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