Fall 2010

Our eleventh sale we filled the the Main Hall at the Washington County Fairgrounds again.
Another fabulous sale! Consignors seem to love being able to drop off on the weekend without their kids. Our cashiers really keep the lines moving and the Thursday late drop off seems to be catching on. Not much else to say but it was really a great sale! The pictures say it all. Ah, memories.

A room full of bargains, just waiting for some shoppers!
Cribs, changing tables, play yards, bassinets, high chairs, swings...
Rocking riding toys, exersaucers, walkers, kid furniture, bouncers...
So many colors, how do I choose?
These toys promote pretend play.
Walkers for babies on the move.
Beads keep toddlers busy for hours.
Ball poppers are another great toy.
So many toys, so little time!
Feeding section with bibs and more.
Big bedding sets and comforters.
More bedding, sheets and blankets.
Bumbos are a sought after item.
Gotta love those bead toys.
Great selection of breast pumps!
Chic diaper bags go fast.
Bathtubs? We got em!
Don't forget the shoes.
Holiday wear, dress like Santa.
Rain coats for the Northwest.
Robeez are a must for babies.
Tons of winter coats this time.
Cloth diaper section is growing.
Handmade pumpkin and berry hats.
Halloween sleepers and outfits.
Great quality handmade items.
Hats for the winter time.
DVDs and VHS sell really well.
Newborn girls section starts here.
Costumes for babies and toddlers.
Halloween costumes for everyone.
A whole room full of toys.
Play mats on floor, tables and rack!
Volunteers waiting for the Presale.
Show us your stuff!
Wow, jeans with tags still on!
Books, movies, games, puzzles. It's here for a while then it's all gone.
We volunteer so we can shop early! This is the highlight of our month!
We've got clothes for all kids, now grab a bag and start shopping!


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