Fall 2011

Our 13th sale was back at the Von Neumann building. They hadn't rented it and we couldn't find anything we liked better. We pretty much went with the same layout as beofre because it had worked well. We added curb side service during drop offs and received a lot of compliments. We separated the inspections for clothes vs other stuff and even though the comments were mixed, we felt it went pretty well. I've come to the conclusion that people just don't like change.

We had the same amount of racks, but with stricter limits on number of clothing items each person can bring, we had more quality items on our racks and actually sold MORE than any previous sale. With the same number of items as the last sale, sales were up because quality was up and overall we sold a higher % of our inventory.

One of our consignors had a 2 year old battling cancer and used PIO as a fundraiser. Friends from near and far donated Halloween costumes to help the cause. We ended up with over 1600 costumes and accessories, double what we had in 2010! Costumes for a Cause was a HUGE part of the sale and they were able to raise over $3000 through their ingenuity. Some families bought multiple costumes to use as dress ups throughout the year. We were so glad PIO could help in this way, but they also helped us as members of their family took on volunteer shifts and we are pretty sure they sent us a ton of new shoppers.

Over the years we've added some wonderful people to our core team, which now has about 20 members! These ladies work hard to make the sale what it is, from inspecting, merchandising, and cashiering, to sorting and helping people pickup their unsold items at the end. Our awesome core team is supplimented by hundreds of wonderful volunteers who may just work 1 shift but do it professionally and with a smile. Thanks to all who help out!

Bethani after a long day inspecting
Some of our larger items, north view
One of our bookshelves
Toy tables
More of our larger items, south view

Ride-on toys

Rows and rows of clothes
Hat racks
View as you enter the front door
High chairs
Play yards
Ergo carriers
Activity tables
Play mats
Stroller area
We usually have over 100 strollers!
Shoes, shoes, and more shoes
A Ride-on excavator
Custom made train table
Handy man tool benches
Tables and more
Pop-up tents and tunnels
Halloween costumes
Toddler costumes
We even had adult & pet costumes
Cut apholstered chairs
Adorable pink retro kitchen
Plan 9 dollhouse with accessories
One special horsie
Groovy girls and accessories
Awesome driving pink cadillac jeep
Making final decisions
Even babies love to shop!
Fill a bag and go get another one
So many clothes to look at
What a pile!
Room for everyone
Show us what you're buying!
Checking out the shoppers
Suzie always has a smile!
Just one of many hidden treasures
Leaving with several FULL bags!
The PIO TEAM, in our element!


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