Spring 2006

Our first sale was held in April 2006 at the Washington County Fairgrounds in the Cloverleaf Building. We had 3200 sq ft and used it all (and I was worried the place would look empty!). We had 75 consignors and sold around 3000 items. We were not automated, it was all manual and the tag data entry afterwards took 2 weeks to complete. We did accept credit cards, but the line was so terribly long we had workers start taking cash sales and making change in their aprons to help move it.

The whole sale happened in just 3 days. One day for setup, drop off, and presales, one full Saturday of the sale, and Sunday was a half day sale, sort, and teardown. We still use Sunday the same, but can no longer setup and have drop offs in one day! (Not that we should have done it then either, we were rushed and had underestimated the number of people who would participate!). We also had to build more racks during drop off as our clothing racks filled up fast! Geoff was still building during the presales. All in all, a successful first sale.

The big Fairplex sign on Cornell Road announced our sale.
A BEFORE view of the strollers and car seats (but after the Presales).
An AFTER view of the same area of strollers and car seats (on Sunday).
Row of girls clothing, stuffed rack.
Row of boys clothing, also stuffed.
Overhead view of all of the clothes.
We had a rack of formal dresses.
And a whole rack of Easter dresses.
Shelves of books and movies.
The tables were loaded with stuff.
Excersaucers filled the floor.
We even had some nice cribs.
Another view of a different table.
The row of saucers after Presales.
A vanity was one of the large toys.
A big castle slide outside sold fast.
The pirate ship could have sold 10x!

Over 3000 tags sorted by number.



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