Spring 2007

Our third sale was in March 2007 at the Oregon National Guard Armory, right behind the fairgrounds.
We had over 5500 sq ft and used it well. We had 167 consignors and sold around 9,000 items. We were fully automated for our second sale, with 2 computers and scanners, and for this sale we added a third computer. We had a long line of people waiting to shop at 9am, we were so excited! We had some great publicity on TV during a morning show segment where Erin Shirey reviewed ways to get rid of kids things.

This sale took 5 days to complete. (Our second sale was done in 4 days, and the first took only 3 days.) So as we grow, we add time. We also have to build more racks each time! Sale 1 had 60ft of racks (top and bottom bars on 2 sides, so every 10ft rack is really 40ft of bars) plus a few rounders for maternity and others for Easter, formal wear, and larger sizes. Sale 2 had 80ft of racks plus extras for maternity, Halloween, and Christmas. By Sale 3 we were now up to 2 50ft long sections, 1 for boys and 1 for girls (400ft of bars!), plus rounders for maternity and larger sizes. It seems our racks are full every time and no matter how much we add we always wish we had more!

Our banner on front of the Armory.
The line went into the parking lot!
A shopping frenzy!
Girls clothes were not too packed.
Boys clothes were a little packed.
Overhead view from one corner.
Tables full of toys.
Too many shoes!
Shelves of books and movies.
Workers detagging for shoppers.
Our 3 checkouts stayed busy.
Costco was our first major sponsor.
Stephanie and Adrienne wait to greet shoppers in the Vendor Area.
Michelle with Discovery Toys had a wonderfully colorful display.
Wendy with Close to My Heart created an impressive work of art!
We even had a Nursing Corner.
Kim's trip to the donation center.

All checks ready to mail out with sales report, a letter, and coupons!


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