Spring 2008

Our sixth sale was in April 2008, once again at the Armory. This was our most successful event so far.
Not because it was the biggest sale ever, but because we did it right. We could have pushed for growth and moved to a larger site. But we were not sure we'd have the volunteer support we needed to do it right. So we took a step back and regrouped our plans. If any of you remember the Fall 2007 sale and also the Spring 2008 sale, you know what I'm talking about. There was a marked improvement in every aspect of the sale. Not that we did it wrong before, we just figured out how to do it all better. We received so many compliments that things were so organized, well marked, easy to find, checkout went faster, even the workers seemed friendlier.

We ended up with 209 consignors (yes, less than the previous sale), but we sold $20,000 more merchandise. We probably had the same amount of stuff in the same space, the difference was in how it was presented. Last time things flooded in and we didn't have time to sort it all out before the Presales started. This time we scheduled more days, gave ourselves more time, and got more help. Oh, and this time we had 3 50ft racks (with a few others for maternity). I invited my hardest workers from previous sales to join my Team. I trained them in advance to do things the way I would. Lily and I stayed past midnight on the night before the Presale to make sure everything was exactly how it should be. I am very proud of how this sale turned out. We hit our groove; this is the way all sales should be! Next step... plan for growth again!

This is what a well-organized consignment event looks like!
Nice neat rows of like products. Shoes in marked and colored bins.
Books were sorted by category and labeled. Workers maintained this.
Bright row of activity centers.
Need a Bumbo seat? Take yer pick!
So many toys but neatly organized.
Strollers were all nestled together.
High chairs were in 2 pretty rows.
Activity tables in line under a table.
Like items were grouped together.
We had better signs everywhere.
Baby shoes 0-4 were on tall racks.
Of course there were clothes!
One 50ft long rack for girls (4 bars).
One for boys. (3rd one was mixed.)

Toddler musical instrument section.

One lucky kid got a neat dollhouse!
This is how every PIO sale will be.


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