Spring 2009

Our eighth sale was in April 2009. We took over the Main Hall at the Washington County Fairgrounds.
Ever since my first sale in their Cloverleaf Building, I had dreamed of a day when my sale would be so huge it needed to be in the Main Hall. The rent is crazy expensive, but the sale really deserved to be there to improve our image and it's a landmark most people know how to find. The parking lot is not close to the building, but at least there is plenty of it! For drop offs the gates were open so consignors could drive right up.

Not sure if anyone noticed, but we doubled the amount of clothing racks we had from last time. We also used twice as many tables as last time, but that big room kind of swallowed it all. We had 330 consignors and sold 30,000 items in 4 days. There were 6 checkout registers, but we could have used even more. I guess the word has gotten out about Pass It On! Our Friday morning was a little crazy, the line of shoppers was longer than it's ever been on opening day! We'll be a little better prepared next time with MORE cashiers and express lanes for those with fewer items. I expanded my Team to include 20 KEY people who help with special tasks before, during, and after the sale, and we filled our volunteer roster with a lot of amazing people, some new some veterans. Thanks to everyone who helped in every way. Pass It On would not be what it is without you!

It all starts when consignors drop off their tagged items at the sale.
Clothes must be on hangers, separated by size and gender.
Two days of drop offs, morning to night; it's best to make an appt.
Suzie really got into inspecting!
Rachelle tackles a big stack.
Julie worked hard while pregnant!
After 2 days, the room is full!
Row of strollers all styles and sizes.
Actually, 2 rows, back to back.
High chairs, boosters, Bumbo seats
...swings, large and small...
...excersaucers... jumperoos...
...bouncy seats...
...toys and stuffed animals...
...outdoor toys and so much more!
A rack of shoes for boys...
and a rack of shoes for girls.
Friday morning the shoppers arrive!
Happy to be one of the first in line.
Welcome, come on in!
Mommy's little helpers.
Babies on, hands free for shopping!
We love babies!
Friendly faces ready to help.
Nicole was on hand to paint faces.
Kids were treated to free cheek art.
Some workers even got inked!
Dads love shopping too!
Or maybe they just carry the bags?
Item tags get pulled and counted.
Detaggers hard at work.
Cashiers ringing up the sales.
Jen & Sarah smiling after the rush.
Lots of people got their car seats checked at the clinic on Saturday.
All that's left on Sunday! Racks getting empty. Yeah, less to sort!
Couldn't do the sale without my awesome TEAM! (This is only half!)


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