Spring 2011

Our 12th sale was too big for the fairgrounds! We found a new building that was not only larger than the fairgrounds, but in an even better location - close to the freeway and Tanasbourne, with tons of parking, inside bathrooms with dressing rooms, and we had more time for moving in and out!

It's hard to imagine, but we had 8 rows for clothing, most of them 80ft long, plus 8 rounders and 4 Z-racks for maternity and other racks for formal wear, swim suits, fairy wings, and costumes. We had 8 checkouts again and the lines moved well, no more than a 35 minute wait recorded during our peak time (Thursday, opening day, 11am-1pm). Our layout provided one area just for clothes with large items at the other end (complete with a drive-up pickup door for large item purchases) and everything else in the middle. This was our first time allowing adult items such as DVDs, books, regifting items, small furniture, and household appliances and that seemed to sell well. We hope to be able to rent this space again in the fall.

It's amazing how we've grown. We're now 10 times the size we started out! We hope all shoppers are able to find some great bargains, whether you came for something specific or were surprised by something special. Join our Facebook page and let us know what kind of deals you got!

Building at 19545 NE Von Neumann
Extending electricity for checkouts
All items are inspected
Discussing how things are going
Clothing racks BEFORE
Clothing racks AFTER
Shoe racks BEFORE
Shoe racks AFTER
Girls side is a little crowded
Bird's eye view of clothes
So many clothes, so little time
Always great selection of maternity
Saucers, swings, jumperoos & more
Play yards and cribs
Always tons of strollers
Just one part of the bedding area
Slings, wraps, front & back carriers
Lots of movies, now for parents too
Boxed puzzles
Board puzzles with pegs and pieces
Games galore
Walker toys and bouncing toys
Toys for all ages (infant shown)
Formal dresses and swim wear
Beading games and activity blocks
Waddle waddle, toys vary each sale
Rocking horses big and small
Sit and spins and ride on toys
Pretend dress-up rack
Nose to nose to the finish line
Each item has a bar coded tag
Dig & look out for special treasures
Fairy wings for pretending
Happy shoppers digging the deals
Mom, this is just my size
My daughter is going to love this


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