Summer 2007 — Back to School Sale

Our fourth sale was held in August 2007 at the Armory again. This was our smallest sale by far!
We did a "Back to School" sale because we thought would be a huge success. We would not only sell clothing, but also feature school uniforms, textbooks and homeschooling materials, musical instruments, sporting equipment, and furniture. Everything anyone would need for school: Pre-K through college! We only had about 50 consignors and foot traffic was slower, but the good news was that we sold just about everything and there wasn't much to sort in the end! (Bad news: not much for the donation center!) So compared to our regular sales, the room looks quite empty, but there really was a lot in there!

For whatever reason this sale did not do as well as expected. It seems a lot of our regular consignors were out of town during the summer when we thought they'd be getting ready for school. Because the Armory was booked every weekend during the summer (for drills, weddings, and Quinceneros), we held this sale entirely during the week and not on a weekend. Maybe it could have been different, but it is what it is and was a learning experience. We have since tried to incorporate more of the Back to School concept into our fall sales to conserve resources.

We got to spread out a little more!
Girls clothing 5T up to teen/adult.
Boys clothing 5T up to teen/adult.
Homeschool materials & textbooks.
We also allowed music CDs which were popular and sold well.
Dedicated racks of formal wear (front) and sports/dance (back).
Someone brought in a guitar
(we sold it).
And a keyboard (also sold).
We set up our specialty spinning racks near the register.
Local made tooth fairy pillows.
Two little girls shopping for a friend.
Hair bows were always a big hit!
We had household furniture.
I think most of it sold!
Damon tested and bought this tricycle for his friend Bill's birthday.

We had vendors too. Sewing by Liz brought nice embroidered items.

Annie had a beautiful display of her stamps, even some retired sets.
The vendors even had enough space to run demos and workshops!


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