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Registered Consignors:
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Volunteers shop early on Presale Day!

Get first pick of the goods! Less crowded shopping, no screaming kids, faster checkout lines, no vendors, private shopping with other PIO friends! Best chance to get the best deals on whatever you're looking for.

An event like this relies on volunteers to make it happen. We need help with all kinds of things from set up and tear down to inspecting items and helping customers during the sale. The bigger each sale gets, the more determined we are to produce a top quality event. When can you help out?

Presale Schedules


Wed, October 5

Volunteers 5-6 shifts......10am
Volunteers 3-4 shifts......11am
Volunteers 1-2 shifts......12pm
Meal Shift Volunteers........2pm

Consignors with children...4pm
VIP Guests......................6pm
Doors Close....................8pm


Friday, Oct 28

Volunteers 3-5 shifts.....4pm
Volunteers 1-2 shifts.....5pm

VIP Guests...................7pm
Doors Close..................8pm


  • Consignors are automatically eligible workers (use your consignor login to sign up for shifts)
  • You do not need to be a consignor to volunteer at the sale.
  • Non-consignors need to register as a Worker in the system first and must work your first shift before the Presale unless you have volunteered with us in the past, email Kim if you need an exception.
  • Sign up for a shift or remove yourself from a shift online.
  • Please enter a valid email address as you will receive email reminders about your shift and valid phone number in case we need to call you.

Consignor Benefits of Volunteering

Consignors earn a higher percentage of their sales by volunteering.
Non-consignors who volunteer earn a pass to shop during our Private Presale. There is no monetary benefit for non-consigning volunteers.


Want to earn more than 65%
and Presale shopping at 3pm?

1 shift = 70% + shop at 12pm
2 shifts = 75% + shop at 12pm
3 shifts = 75% + shop at 10am
4 shifts = 80% + shop at 10am
5 shifts = 80% + shop at 10am

You will only be able to sign up for 4 shifts online. Contact Kim to work more. I need to approve 5+ shifts & get you on the schedule where we need you most. Those who really love the sale and have the time to work 6-12 shifts, (must also have sale experience) will earn 85-90% and shop the Team Presale on Tues evening. Certain shifts are required.

View the Volunteer Schedule wthout signing up.


Want to earn more than 70%
and Presale shopping at 6pm?

1 shift = 70% + shop at 5pm
2 shifts = 75% + shop at 5pm
3 shifts = 75% + shop at 4pm
4 shifts = 80% + shop at 4pm

You can sign up for 4 shifts online. We're looking for a few good moms to join our Team. Work 5 or more shifts, get 85% and shop at 3pm! Must work Friday 12-4 or 5-9, and Sort on Sunday 2-6. We also need some new Inspectors. If you want to help make this sale the best it can be, we'd love to meet you! Talk to Kim or Jen about your availability and skills.

View the Volunteer Schedule wthout signing up.

Ready to sign up?!

The Volunteer Schedule and Registration for shifts will be posted and begin on or around August 22.

Consignors: Please log in with your consignor number and password so your shifts are linked to your consignor account and we can give proper credit. Pickup your wristband when you drop off your sale items. If you are not selling this time, you can still use your consignor number login.

Non-Consignors: At the log in screen, choose the option towards the bottom to sign up as a Worker. There you will set up a Worker Account and password. This is your log in. If you ever become a consignor, use that login instead so shifts are linked to your consignor account and easily tracked.

If you work a 4-hour shift before the Presale, you will receive your Presale Pass at the end of your shift. It is your responsibility to make sure you receive this pass as we may not realize you are not a consignor.

If your shift is after the Presale, you can get your wristband at the door with a $20 cash deposit which will be returned to you when you complete your shift. If you fail to show up for your shift, you won't get your deposit back and will be banned from volunteering at future sales.

Lost Wristbands: Presale shoppers are required to wear a colored wristband to enter the Presale. Treat this pass like gold. If you lose your wristband, you may purchase a replacement for $20. We will check your ID and make a note on our Master List. One replacement per Consignor or Volunteer.

Some notes about job duties:

  • Are you willing to do some heavy lifting, carrying, building, and using power tools? Join our Setup & Teardown crew! We'd love to have the same people at both and appreciate willingness to stay until the job is done. Men are most appreciated on these shifts, but some women enjoy it too! Sending a husband counts as your work shift!

  • Grandmas are great workers, too! Send your mom or mother-in-law to help us if you can't make it, but watch out, they love the Presale as much as the rest of us and might not babysit while you go shop the Presale alone! (Of course you and your mom are welcome to shop the Presale together!)

  • We don't allow babies to join moms on their work shifts with one exception. If you would love to work while wearing your child under 12mos, you may work as a Greeter. This job can easily be done with a baby on board and we'll work with nursing/feeding breaks. Please contact Kim to find out which shifts are available so we don't have too many nursing babies on one shift. This goes for other workers too, if your caregiver brings your baby, let us know you will be taking a nursing break so we can provide back up for your job if necessary. There are a limited number of Greeter spots and we'd like to accommodate all new moms who want to work with us.

  • If you are unable to stand for long periods, let us know and we will assign you a sitting job. If you are unable to lift heavy things, there are plenty of jobs you can handle during the sale, just please do not sign up for Setup or Teardown shifts! Email Kim about other special circumstances or if you have questions about types of jobs.
  • One more note: Inspectors wanted! If you think you have what it takes to be a PIO Inspector, let us know! Main requirements: an eye for detail and a desire to help our sale accept only quality items. Must attend a training session and be available to inspect on at least 2 shifts. Contact Kim to join our Inspection Team, especially in Eugene!

Worker Orientation (PDF File)

ALL VOLUNTEERS: Please read this file and familiarize yourself with the descriptions for the job duties you are signed up for or might likely perform. Be ready to work when you get there.

Volunteer Only Half Price Presale Saturday night!

ALL Workers are invited to shop the Half Price stuff early! We have a Workers Only Half Price Presale Saturday night, see below for times.


Sat, October 8


Sat, October 29

Hillsboro public shopping ends at 5pm. We have 30 minutes to clear shoppers out, 30 minutes to organize the merchandise and allow Team Leads to begin shopping, then we'll reopen the doors for this Volunteer Only Presale. Eugene shopping begins at 7pm or within 10 minutes. Keep your wristband on as it will be required to get in the door.

Volunteer Policy — Please READ before signing up for a shift

In order to achieve a high quality event, we rely on a sufficient number of volunteer workers to show up when they are supposed to. Pass It On requires that volunteers fulfill their obligation to work the shifts they sign up for. All workers must be on time and work their entire shift (unless released early by Pass It On sale owner) to reap the benefits.

If you find it necessary to cancel a work shift or reschedule your shift, please do so as soon as possible. You can remove yourself from a work shift and/or sign up for a new shift by logging in to the Volunteer Registration system until it's offline. If an emergency arises and you need to cancel your commitment with us, please let us know as soon as possible. Call 503–830–6509 ASAP.

Workers who do not follow through with their commitment will be banned from volunteering at future sales, which means no shopping at future Worker Presales. If the worker who fails to show is a consignor, Pass It On will deduct 10% of their earnings from their final check for EACH shift missed. So for 3 shifts missed, you would lose 30% of your sales. Please don't sign up for more shifts than you know you can handle.

If you send a replacement, your privileges will stay intact. Extenuating circumstances may be considered (such as a death in the family) and the worker may be allowed to volunteer again, but the deduction still may be taken at the discretion of Pass It On management.

Please note that this policy has been created in order to maintain a high quality sale. We want to attract only those volunteers who are responsible and dependable. Please thoughtfully consider the commitment before you put your name down for a shift. Positions are limited, and you could be taking up a spot someone else would have gladly filled. When you cancel at the last minute, we cannot find someone to fill your vacancy, thus we are short handed and not able to handle traffic and sales as we need to. Thanks for your consideration.


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