Spring 2009

Thank you to all who came to our first Portland sale at Oaks Park in March 2009. It was a great success! Our volunteers worked hard and our consignors brought wonderful items to sell. We ended up with over 20,000 items from 170 consignors and served over a 1000 shoppers for sure. The checkout line was long and a bit crazy on Saturday, but most of our shoppers were very patient. We hope to see more of you at our next sale where we plan to have more checkout stations. In the meantime, here are some pictures to enjoy.

Consignors drop off their goods.
Patiently waiting to check in.
Workers inspect and organize.
Inspectors hard at work.
Making sure everything is quality.
Nothing gets by them!
Overview of the drop off scene.
The clothing racks got pretty full.
Long racks for boys and girls.

Aerial of overflowing toy tables.

Rows of excersaucers.
Strollers galore!
Some of the big furniture, cribs.
Car seats and more.
Large indoor and outdoor toys.
Shoppers fill their bags.
One happy shopper gets a horse.
We even had a news crew filming!
The Hold Area stayed busy and full.
Getting items from the Hold Area.
Not a lot of big things on Sunday!


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