Eugene — Fall 2011

Our 2nd sale was held in the Expo Hall I had wanted for the first sale. It's a good thing, too, because we would have been too big for the conference room we had last time. A few more consignors and a lot more shoppers showed up this time and we had a great sale. We had more volunteers this time and have enjoyed meeting some really great people.

There was a good sized line on Saturday morning, waiting at the door, so I know word got out. But also shoppers kept coming for an hour or so and after we opened and it was a nice steady pace of customers. I may be crazy for noticing things like this! The line went all the way to the back of the building, although the wait was only 15 minutes max and we cleared the line down to 2 or 3 by 1pm.

We sold most of our large items (a few things were priced too high) and sort was a breeze! Our main charity did not show up, but luckily we had a backup charity to call and they scrambled a team, borrowed a truck, and headed over to take our donations which they were very grateful to get.

Longer racks for boys and girls
Go Team!
Awesome stroller
Welcoming the shoppers
Scanning the boys clothes
Vendors during a slow time
Robosapien! He's so cool!
Soft toys
Infant Toys
Toddler Toys and more
Slide tester
Some of our larger items
More Melissa & Doug
Jenna checks out the shoppers



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