Eugene — Spring 2011

For our 1st sale we rented the Lane County Fairgrounds. Ambitiouly I rented the Expo Hall, but as time passed and we just weren't getting that many consignors to sign up, I had to make the call to use a smaller space. We ended up filling that space quite nicely and had a respectable first sale in another city.

Setup went quickly and we were relieved to find out how much fun a smaller sale could be. People were more relaxed and everything went smoothly. We met a lot of really great people and look forward to returning. We need to figure out how to get the word out better, but Eugene is a great city, we're hopeful it will grow.

1 rack for boys, 1 rack for girls
Books on our Hollywood Video racks
Games, puzles, and more
Bedding, feeding, diapering
Toys, toys, toys, for all ages
Ride-ons, walkers, activity tables
Junior or larger sized girls
Some of the larger items
Melissa & Doug new items
Smaller size shoes
Dress ups & costumes
More Melissa & Doug
More shoes
Here are some shoppers!
A lovely swing
Multi-use swing/bouncy seat
Sarah fills her shopping bag
Jill got a smokin deal on some shoes
Jenna & Geoff worked the checkout



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