How to Shop our Private Presale

Pass It On is a community event where consignors offer their items for sale and shoppers come in and buy things. Our consignors take pride in our sale and most will find time to volunteer at least one shift so they can help run this awesome event. It's fun to watch your own items go out the door! The Presale is our way of rewarding our volunteers for their hard work. Those who work the most shifts shop the Presale earliest!

Find a way to join our team so you can shop the Presale too!

Presale Schedule
Wednesday of sale week

NO KIDS under 10 before 3pm.
Infants worn are ok before 3pm, but no strollers.

10am Presale for 4 & 5 shift Team

5 shift volunteers earn 80% of their sales
4 shift volunteers earn 75% of their sales

11am Presale for 3 shift Team

3 shift volunteers earn 75% of their sales

12pm Presale for 2 shift Team

2 shift volunteers earn 70% of their sales

1pm Presale for 1 shift Team

1 shift volunteers earn 65% of their sales

2pm Presale for Wish List Suppliers

A volunteer spot open to non-consignors!

3pm Presale for Consignors with No Shifts

Consignors with no shifts earn 60% of their sales

4pm VIP Presale Ticket Holders

VIP $20 paid ticket holders

5pm VIP Presale Ticket Holders

VIP $10 paid ticket holders + winners of contests

6pm Presale for First Time Parents

FREE Presale for New Parents & Grandparents!

7pm Presale for Heroes & Foster Parents

FREE Presale for Military, First Responders, Medical Staff, Teachers, & Foster Parents (Details below)

Doors Close at 8pm

Registers are open until 9pm, later if needed.


Not a Consignor?
Here are 3 other ways to get into the Presale!

Wish List

Help the sale as part of our Support Team by bringing us snacks or one of the supplies on our list! Or fire up your Instant Pot and bring us a meal!

Paid Tickets

Don't have time to consign or fulfill our wish list? But know you can't miss the presale?! No worries! Buy your spot with a VIP Ticket!

FREE Tickets

2 FREE presales for first time parents, grandparents, foster parents AND members of our Hero community: police, firefighters, teachers, medical, and military.


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