Pass It On needs your help!

We have been patiently waiting to find out when retail shopping would open up again in Oregon to allow us to host our spring sale. It appears that retail shopping IS OPEN NOW! We have reviewed the precautions we must take and guidelines we need to meet and feel we can operate safely under those guidelines. The big question is... will anyone come out to shop?!?

Pass It On has always been about serving our community. We know your kids continue to grow and with warmer weather on the way they may not have many appropriate clothes that fit. This also means you have a bunch of clothes that are too small that you would love to pass on to another family. If you are like me, you have been cleaning your house and making boxes of things to sell when the time comes. You were probably as sad as we were that our spring sale didn't happen in April. Well, now we are switching gears and looking at how to reopen safely and whether our audience wants to shop in June, July, or August.

Here's where you come in. Please fill out this survey to help us determine when we should have our next sale and if we have enough interest to do it in June. We will need sellers to be ready to drop off your items, buyers willing to come shop our inventory, and lots of volunteers to run everything from entry greeter to checkout cashier.

Thank you for hanging in there with us and thank you for filling out this survey!