Info about our ONLINE Consignment Sale

Pass it on fall 2021 day 1-59

How does online consigning work?

Same as our in person sales...

  • Register for a consignor number
    or activate your existing number
  • Enter your inventory online


  • Print and attach tags ONLY to
    items that SOLD in the online sale
  • Drop off your SOLD items at the sale
  • Wait for your check in the mail

PLUS several other differences!

Pass it on fall 2021 day 1-23

Enter Your Items and Take Pics

You enter it, we sell it, everyone wins!

For the online sale...

  • The base rate is still 60% of the selling price BUT
  • You can earn a 5% bonus for having a perfect drop off (no missing items off your sold list AND no unacceptable items that don't pass our inspection) and no rejects by seller (such as item does not match description)
  • AND when you fill a shift you get 5% more so a possible 70% for 1 shift with perfect drop off
  • The number of shifts is limited to 1 per consignor as our needs are limited this time
  • Shop 1 day before the public (password will be emailed to you)
  • Checks will be mailed earlier than usual (Zelle is also an option)

Why ONLINE vs in person?

  • Registration fee is lower ($10 vs $16)
  • 5% bonus for perfect inspection (make sure all items are all in good condition before you take pics and bring all the items you sold) AND no rejects by buyer
  • NO limit on infant clothes — ALL category limits are gone!
  • Off season stuff is OK to list (it may not sell, but you can try it)
  • NO HANGERS needed for clothing!
  • Make SETS of clothing or bundles of books to sell more items at a time
  • Enter breakable or collectable items without fear of theft or damage
  • List large furniture or other big items you didn't want to risk having to drag back home if it didn't sell
  • ONLY drop off SOLD items and you're done
  • No second trip to pick up items that didn't pass inspection
  • No third trip to pick up unsold items at the end
  • There is NO 75% off day, only 50% off!
  • And 50% off day is on a Monday so everything is full price all weekend long.

Plus all the same reasons to sell at our in person sales:

  • Thousands of shoppers will see your goods!
  • Safer than meeting up with strangers
  • No frustrating no show buyers
  • No driving around selling one item at a time
  • No low ballers haggling over your prices
  • You set the prices, shoppers buy or don't!
  • Less hassle than listing/tracking/shipping
  • You don't even have to be there!
  • Track your sales with totals uploaded nightly
  • Consignors SHOP EARLY – before the public!
  • Grab a shift and shop even earlier!

What else do I need to know about ONLINE selling?

  • You need to register to participate
  • All items need to be entered into your inventory in your MySaleManager account
  • All items need to have a photo attached and be marked READY to be included in the online sale
  • The deadline to enter items is Monday, February 5 by midnight
  • Items entered by the deadline will be included in our presale
  • Items entered and marked READY after the deadline will be included in Restock, uploaded Wed night around midnight
  • Sold items need to be dropped off during our Drop Off days February 15 and 16
  • Every consignor must make a Drop Off appointment via your consignor homepage
  • Please select an appointment ASAP or by February 5 at midnight
  • If you do not drop off items we have already sold, we will have to refund the buyer and you will be banned from participating in future online sales
  • We still do NOT accept car seats, breast pumps, recalled items, or any of the other items on our regular list so don't enter them and if we see any of these types of items we may delete them or otherwise exclude them from the online sale
  • If you buy items in the online sale, you need to pick up your items on February 17
  • Items not picked up by 6pm on Feb 17 will be donated to a local charity with no refund unless other arrangements are made (Communication is key!)
  • No appointment needed to pick up purchased items — come anytime 10am-6pm Feb 17
  • You can send a friend to pick up your items for you as long as they know the amount of your purchases and your email address
  • Please support our mini market of local sweets makers!

Next Step...

REGISTER and start entering your items!