Pass It On Volunteer Guidelines


How to have a positive Volunteer experience

Be on time

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of your first shift so we can show you around the building and get you oriented to your position. At the start of each day we all need to get in and get situated before the drop off or sale begins. It is also important on other shifts because some shifts do not overlap and we need fast transitions. People may need to leave right when their shift ends and we need the next crew ready to take over.

Sign in

Check in at the start of each shift and sign in. Everyone needs to sign in and out on every shift. The only way you’ll get credit for working is if your name is filled in. Sign-in sheets are on a clipboard with the on shift team lead or manager.

Wear a name tag

Every volunteer during the sale days should wear a name tag. This identifies you as someone who can help our shoppers. Wear an apron if your job is merchandising. Aprons have the PIO logo and pockets for carrying pens or whatever supplies you may need during your shift. This is not as critical during drop off days or sort or pickup but you still may want to wear one then. We have a box with nametags and lanyards, please return these at the end of your shift.

Wear a Pass It On shirt

Keep Calm and Pass It On! It helps to identify you as part of the PIO team to shoppers who have questions. (Temporary: Oops! We ran out of these and have not decided on our new shirts. If you have one from a prior sale, please wear it to your shift! If not, try to wear purple and maybe grab an apron.)

Work 4 hours

Complete a full 4 hour shift. Please choose a shift that works with your schedule so you don't arrive late or leave early. If you do arrive late, please plan to stay longer to make up for the lost time. If you arrive too late and don't make up the time or leave too early and do not finish a shift, you won’t receive monetary benefits like extra percent of sales.

Know who to report to

Upon check in you will be assigned a job duty (you may already know it) and a Team Lead. Team Leads are there to help everyone have a good time and know what job you are supposed to be doing. Work with that person and follow their directions. If you have conflict issues, Kim will resolve the issue or find you a new job if necessary.

Not sure what to do?

Check in with your area Team Lead. The number of workers scheduled on each sale shift is predicted based on past crowd levels. It may happen at any time that we seem to have too many or too few workers. If you feel unsure what to do or need a new task, ask your Team Lead where you’d be most useful. There are always odd jobs to be done!

Buying stuff during your shift

Do not hide items you wish to purchase! This means don't store things in the breakroom, bathroom, owner's office, cashier station, or anywhere else around the sales floor. You should not be shopping during your shift, but if while working you happen to come across something you would like to buy, please put it in the Hold Area with your name and identify yourself as a worker on that shift. Remember to purchase those items at the end of your shift as anything left in the Hold Area at the end of each night will be put back out on the sales floor.

Snacks and drinks

We provide snacks and drinks for all workers. But we hope you’re not there just for the free food! Use your judgment on when to take a break. The best time to grab a snack is at the end of your shift when you are off the clock. Tell your Team Lead if you need to take a long break for some reason and plan to make up the time so you get your 4 hours in. Please limit to 1 snack and 1 drink per volunteer, we don't have an unlimited budget or time to run to the store mid sale.

Meal breaks

Plan meals around your shift. There is no meal break on a 4-hour shift. If you are working 2 back to back shifts, we'll find a good time for you to take a meal break. We have a fridge where you can put your lunch or dinner and a microwave if you want to heat up anything. 

Sign out

Sign yourself out at the end of each shift. This shows us that everyone worked their full shift. Turn in your name tag, lanyard, and apron. You get to keep the PIO t-shirt!


Please be kind and courteous to everyone you interact with while volunteering at PIO. This includes other volunteers, Team Leads,  vendors, but especially the customers who are there to buy things. We want their experience to be positive. Maybe they’ll consign next time and when they see how much fun you’re having they might like to volunteer too! You never know who is there for the first time and first impressions are huge. We want them to come back AND to tell their friends good things about PIO! Please do not talk about other consignment sales or stores to PIO shoppers, neither good nor bad.

Smile and have fun! Your help is appreciated and we hope you have a good time!

Next Step...

Please make sure you read the Volunteer Shift Orientation page before you sign up for a shift. It may help you choose which job is best for you.