Image Uploading for Online Sales

Let's talk about photography.

The system only allows ONE photo per item. One photo works for most things, however, there are instances when you'd like to use more than one photo to show off what you are trying to sell. Maybe you want to show different angles, different features, different ways to use it, or a close-up of a neat detail. You can do that with a collage!

A collage is multiple photos in one image. So there is just one file to upload, which meets the system requirements.

First, take GOOD PHOTOS.

Guide to Taking Good Photos

You want people to buy your stuff! So give them the best possible representation of what you are selling to make them put your stuff in their shopping cart.

1. Start with GOOD LIGHTING. If you don't have good lighting, it could be hard to see the item or any details on it. Bad lighting may not represent the color of the item and your buyer might be upset. For example:


This is the SAME jacket in all photos! One side has good lighting that shows the color is a light lavender. The other side was taken in bad lighting against a background that is dull and offers no contrast and that one seems to show the jacket as a peach color. If the buyer is expecting peach and a lavender jacket shows up instead, they might be upset and demand a refund! Either you miss selling it because no one can be sure what they are getting or you have an unhappy customer at the end and we have to give a refund and you lose your chance at a perfect drop off/pick up and an extra 5% on all of your sales.

Similarly, it's hard to tell what color the items below are in person as they all look gray in photos. The collage one with stripes may have used the wrong detail trying to show the heather texture of the garment or used lower light than the blue stripe photos, but it looks kind of wrong all together. The A Okay shirt appears gray up close too so I think it's a camera issue. It could be confusing. Buyers would be taking a chance on these.


2. Photos show everything! Make your merchandise look its best. If it's not ready for an in person PIO, it's not ready for our online sale either. Make it shine! Cut loose threads. Roll a lint roller over your clothes and remove pet hair and other debris. Wipe down your toys. Clean your shoes. Dust off your home decor. These things are showing up on the photos when viewed on a large computer monitor and could turn a buyer off, they'll scroll on by to the next item. You are asking people to spend money on your items in our shop. Help them want to make a purchase!

3. Stage your item well. It doesn't have to win any photography awards, just give it the best chance to sell. Hang clothes on a hanger and hang that against a plain white wall or the back of a white door. If you are selling something white, put it against a colored background. Make sure your lighting is good. Smooth out wrinkles. Button buttons. Zip up zippers. Arrange the hood so we can see the unicorn on top!

For non clothes, you can lay things on the floor, on a table, or any flat surface. Block out distracting things in view that are not part of what you are selling. Crop out your foot. Don't make a shadow over your item with your camera. Put a piece of white poster board or foam core board behind your item. Not only will this block out your pet walking by but it will bounce additional light into your scene! Spread out everything that is included in your listing. Show all of the figures that comes with the school bus. Turn one shoe sideways. Give a 3/4 view instead of front only if your item is larger. If people can't tell what features it has, they'll scroll on by. Give them a reason to click BUY.

Here are some great examples I found within our online inventory:


4. Don't list an item if it wouldn't pass inspection at an in person sale. Our shoppers know Pass It On as a quality sale. They know we inspect every item and they are not expecting to see flawed items in our online sale either. If you want to take a chance in our online sale, make sure you include the known flaw in your listing so the buyer is aware of it. Maybe there is someone out there ok with paying $2 for a t-shirt with a pen mark or a toy with marker on the bottom. If you disclose it and show it in your photos, we will let it pass. But really the best idea is to NOT list your flawed items. That takes up one of your item slots and you only get 200 so try first to list all the good things you have. Pass It On, even our online sale, is not the place for flawed items. Take it to a charity or offer it for free in a FB group or pass it on to a friend who doesn't mind free play clothes. Be the type of seller you want to shop from.

5. When one photo isn't enough, make a collage. Take a few pics and combine them into one layout which will mean one file to upload and appease the system. Pros use Photoshop, but there are several free collage making apps for phones. Make the collage before you sit down to enter items. That way you can enter, attach photo, and move on.

Here are some fun layouts our consignors have uploaded:


6. When 3 lines of description isn't enough space, use the photo to say more. Some people take things to the next level! Not only can you collage a few photos together, but you can use some of the photo space to give more details about your item. Brilliant! These items will sell for sure! The seller has made these more desirable by taking a little extra time to present so well. This is not required by any means, but sometimes you just want to do a little extra to make that sale and this is just one idea to assist with that.


Enter a GOOD Description

The online sale provides one single photo and now 3 lines of description. You must work within these parameters to sell your items. Online shoppers cannot pick up your item and see what it feels like or how it works. If they can't tell those things from the photo, they will scroll on by. Use words and a good photo (single or collage) to say what they need to know.

You also need to help yourself be able to find the items once they sell so you bring the items people bought. If you have 3 pairs of striped pajamas that are red/white, green/white, and dark blue/light blue and you label all 3 listings as "Hanna striped pajamas" and ONE of the three sells, how will you know WHICH colors the buyer chose? When you print your pages of sold items, you will need to attach the tags to the items and you'll want to make sure you have the right items or the buyer will reject the item and we will have to take the time to go to the shop and look up the item and when we see a photo of red/white striped pajamas and we are holding the green/white ones, we will grant that buyer a refund.

Solutions: You could login and scroll through your inventory until you find the right item number then open that photo. OR you could add the colors to the descriptions on your inventory items. I know this seems like extra work but trust me, future you will thank you!

Another idea is to label the items with stickers that have their item # on it. If you have 3 gallon bags of Lego, one buyer may choose item #407 because in the photo they see a cool octopus piece they'd like. If you give them bag #408 they will take it home without realizing and later be sad they did not get the octopus they saw in the photo. This may not result in a refund, but don't disappoint your buyers. Check your photos and label or just write on the bag #407, 408, 409.

Here's a better example: If you are clearing out books and decide to pair some up to sell faster, either mark the pair with an item # sticker or add some description to the listing, whatever you need so you collect up the correct pair for the right buyer! One person may buy a set of 2 books because they have a good collection of Fancy Nancy books already but need those 2. If you grab any 2 books you have, they will be upset! Use our methods or create a way to know which 2 books to tag for buyer A and which 2 go to buyer B. Set yourself up for success!


Next Step...

Once you've entered and tagged your items, now you're ready to drop it off! Find out what happens when you go to Drop Off, what is expected of you, and how to prepare for a smooth and quick delivery of your inventory.