Pass It On Inventory Categories and what goes in each


Accessories Backpacks, laptop bags, luggage
Accessories: Boys Belts, sunglasses, socks, suspenders, ties, underwear, wallets
Accessories: Girls Belts, hair bows, headbands, leggings, scarves, socks, tights, underwear (bras go under clothing and on a hanger)
Accessories: Infant Baby small equipment not otherwise categorized
Accessories: Purses NEW category, purses of all sizes for all ages
Accessories: Women Belts, scarves, socks, wallets
Baby Gear: Bassinet Bassinets on wheels, rocking, or standing
Baby Gear: Bouncy Seat Bouncy type seat a baby sits in, rocking, vibrating, usually has toy bar, some convert to a toddle rocking chair
Baby Gear: Co-Sleeper Co-sleeper that attaches to bed side, or small one used in bed
Baby Gear: Crib (Furniture) Crib, this is for the actual thing a baby sleeps in, some convert to toddler beds (not bedding please)
Baby Gear: Activity Center or Saucer Exersaucer or any activity center that’s a stationary entertainment unit a baby sits or stands in with toys attached
Baby Gear: High Chair High chairs, may be standard free-standing style or foldable, convertible, portable/camping, grow-with-me, space saver booster that attaches to a dining chair, with or without tray, must have all seatbelts attached
Baby Gear: Jumperoo Jumperoo has a frame, baby bounces on own legs, designed to teach standing and build leg muscles
Baby Gear: Other Doorway jumpers, kitchen helper stands, and anything large that is not listed elsewhere
Baby Gear: Play Gym or Mat Play gyms and mats lay on the floor for Tummy Time to encourage babies to use their eyes and hold up their heads, most have an arching toy bar, some have a pillow, mirror, toys, or small books attached, easily washable
Baby Gear: Playard Playard is the generic name for Pack n Play (Graco brand name) which used to be called a play pen, these fold up for easy transporting, some are just a box with mesh, some have a bassinet, changing table, toy bar, sound speaker, diaper stacker, mattress, and all should have a carry case
Baby Gear: Stroller All types of strollers, single, double, jogger, bike, umbrella, go here
Baby Gear: Swing Swings for newborns up to around 6-8 mos, large or travel size
Baby Gear: Walker or Ride-on Walkers can be like saucers but with wheels or could be the kind a baby pushes while learning how to walk, a Ride-on has wheels and a toddler can sit on it and push along, some are both push walker and ride-on
Baby Wearing (Carriers) Baby Wearing = baby is worn as in strapped to an adult's body

There are front packs, backpacks, structured ones, soft ones, wraps, slings, hip packs, and probably more

Bathing Bath tubs, bath towels, bath toys, bath robes, bath tubs and seats, grooming items, tub safety items like temperature ducks
Bedding: Comforters Comforters any size, if sheets are with it, package together and enter in this category
Bedding: Mattresses Mattresses being sold solo, not with a bed, any size
Bedding: Other Bed rails, blankets, napping mats, pillows, pillow pets, receiving blankets, sleeping bags
Bedding: Set with decor items Whole set, usually for a crib, with multiple items in a matching set, like comforter, sheets, pillows, lamps, diaper stacker, wall art, etc
Bedding: Sheets Sheets for any mattress; label if bassinet, playard, crib/toddler, twin, XL twin, double/full, queen, king, Cal king
Bedding: Sleep Sacks & Swaddlers Sleep sacks and swaddlers (because babies sleep in them)
There should be ZERO items in this category.
Books1: Infant Board or Soft book Board books, soft books, bath books, small sturdy books for babies
Books2: All Ages Storybook Story books are usually filled with pictures on every page
Books3: Early Readers Early Readers usually have a number on them indicating level such as 1, 2, or 3
Books4: Interactive Pop-up books, sound books that make noise when a button is pressed, touch and feel books, lift the flap books, coloring books, sticker books, any book designed to be interacted with
Books5: Youth Fiction Commonly called chapter books, stories written for kids
Books6: Youth Non-Fiction Books about science, math, history, health/medical, cooking, sports, arts, crafts, hobbies, etc
Books7: Curriculum Textbooks, workbooks, student/teacher versions (almost called it homeschooling but that's too limiting as anyone could use these)
Books8: Adult Fiction Classics or modern, stories written for adults with more mature content than stories written for kids
Books9: Adult Non-Fiction Books about science, math, history, health/medical, cooking, sports, arts, crafts, hobbies, plus travel, parenting, etc.
CDs Music CDs
Clothing: Boys Clothing designed and sized for boys size preemie to 20; ok to include any gender neutral clothing (if not sure put it in boys)
Clothing: Girls Clothing designed and sized for girls size preemie to 20
Clothing: Junior Boys/Teens Clothing designed and sized for teen boys; there is overlap here with Mens sizes, choose Juniors if the style and brand is made for teens, also gender neutral items for any teen
Clothing: Junior Girls/Teens Clothing designed and sized for teen girls; sizes are usually ODD numbers
Clothing: Maternity Clothing designed to be worn while pregnant
Clothing: Men Clothing designed and sized for men
Clothing: Nursing Clothing designed to be worn while nursing a baby or pumping
Clothing: Women Clothing designed and sized for women; sizes are usually EVEN numbers
Console Games Games for consoles such as Xbox, Play Station, Wii, Switch, etc, also for handhelds like DS
Crafts Anything used for crafts; tools, supplies, materials, whole kits, loose bits, scrapbooking, beading, sewing, painting, and more
Dancewear Clothing for dance from leotards to fancy dresses, includes shoes
Diapering: Cloth Diapers Cloth diapers of all styles, brands, and sizes
Diapering: Diaper Bags Any bag designed to carry diapers and baby supplies
Diapering: Disposable Diapers Diapers in a package such as Pampers or Huggies, can be whole or partial, list on tag how many are in a partial package
Diapering: Potty Seats & Other Potty seats that sit on a toilet, chairs that stand alone, urinals, travel seats, diaper changing pads & covers, diaper pails, diaper pail bags
Educational Science kits, building kits, globes, anything educational that doesn’t seem to fit in any other category (if it’s books, crafts, or games, use those categories)
Electronics DVD or Bluray player, stereo equipment
Feeding Bibs, bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups, utensils, plates, bowls, cups, placemats, lunch bags or boxes, bottle drying racks, sterilizers, food processors, dishwasher basket for small things
Furniture Tables, chairs, stools, gliders, rockers, bookshelves, cabinets, carts, dressers, beds, toy boxes, etc.
Games Board games, card games, travel games, for little kids to adults
Handmade for Crafters Corner Handmade items being featured in Crafters’ Corner
Hats: Adult Hats that fit adults
Hats: Infant Hats designed to fit newborns and infants
Hats: Youth Hats designed to fit young kids (between infant and adult size)
Home: Décor Baskets, candles, clocks, curtains, lamps, organizers, picture frames, rugs, vases, wall art, decorative pillows, other room décor
Home: Holiday Holiday décor and decorations, appropriate for the season (meaning any holiday between now and the next sale)
Home: Kids Décor Same as Home: Décor but kid themed
Home: Office Stuff one would use in an office
Home: Other Instruments, bath and personal care items, something that doesn't seem to fit another category
Home: Pet Supplies Beds, leashes, feeding bowls, stuff one would use with a pet
Home: Tools Power tools or hand tools
Jewelry Jewelry, package on cardboard to reduce temptation for theft
Kitchen: Fragile Dishes, glasses, serving bowls & platters, cookie jars
Kitchen: Other Utensils, gadgets, containers
Kitchen: Small Appliances Coffee maker, tea maker, waffle iron, instant pot, crock pot, blender, etc.
Miscellaneous Doesn’t seem to fit any other category? It can go here, but please try to find the right category!
Movies DVD/Bluray/4k discs only, kid to adult but nothing X rated (we do not accept VHS)
Nursing Hand pumps, spare parts for machine pumps, nursing pillows, cover-ups
Outdoor: Bikes & Trikes Bicycles from tiny ones training wheels all the way to adult, can also include trail-a-bikes, bike trailers, and tricycles with or without a parent bar
Outdoor: Sporting Equipment Balls for any sport, baseball bats, golf clubs, tennis racquets, bike helmets, bike baby seats, bike trailers, nets/goals, cleats, skates, skateboards, scooters, plasma cars, yard games, and so on
Outdoor: Toys Play houses, climbing structures, slides, swing sets, wagons,
Puzzles Puzzles range from chunky pieces on a board for babies, peg pieces on a board for young learning hands, floor puzzles with large pieces, jigsaws with smaller pieces, even pocket ones with very tiny pieces, can have 10 pieces to 1000+ pieces (if it has game components put it with Games)
Safety Gates, monitors, devices, bath/water, first aid, locking help, night lights, stroller and car accessories, car seat covers
Shoes: Boys Shoes sized for boys, infant to 4, circle the size on tag
Shoes: Girls Shoes sized for girls, infant to 4, circle the size on tag
Shoes: Men Shoes sized for men, circle the size on tag
Shoes: Women Shoes sized for women, circle the size on tag
Toys: 0-12 mos, Infant Toys designed and intended for ages birth to 1 year
Toys: 1-3 yrs, Toddler Toys designed and intended for ages 1 to 3 years
Toys: 3-5 yrs, Preschool Toys designed and intended for ages 3 to 5 years
Toys: 5-9 yrs, Big Kid Toys designed and intended for ages 5 to 9 years
Toys: 9+ yrs, Tween/Teen Toys designed and intended for ages 9 years and up