This is very important.

It is illegal to knowingly sell any item that has been recalled. Please make sure none of the items you plan to bring to the sale have been subject to a recall for any reason.

Do not bring any item to the sale that has been recalled. This law also applies to selling everywhere else like on ebay, craigslist, FB marketplace, or at a garage sale. Return the item if you can or order a replacement part if that's all it needs. PIO is familiar with most popular recalls and reasons for recalls and at our discretion may research on the spot any item we suspect has been recalled and if we confirm an item is on the list, we will not allow it in our sale. We may also pull an item off the sales floor if it was accepted and later determined to be recalled. You can save us all time if you review the list for items you are selling before you tag them all up and bring them to us. Thank you for your help.

What types of items get recalled?

Recalls can happen to anything, not just baby gear but also toys and clothing. For example, recent recalls include: high chairs, activity centers, rattles, bunk beds, infant bathtubs, wagons, pogo sticks, lamps, several strollers, toys, shoes, and clothing.

Go directly to manufacturer's web sites.

When a recall has been issued, sometimes you can still sell an item as long as it has the fix kit installed. Contact the manufacturer once you know you have an item that has been recalled. You fill out a form on their web site and they mail you the kit. Plan ahead because sometimes this take a few weeks.

If a fix kit is not an option, the manufacturer will usually offer a replacement item or a credit you can use to purchase another of that same item that is newer and not recalled. Some people will obtain the new item and bring it to the sale, new in box, a sweet score for someone else!

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