Consignor Registration (and how it all works)

Here's an overview of how to participate as a seller. You should read all the pages in the menu before signing up so you know what you are signing up for and what is expected. Scroll down if you've read this and just want to register.

The DEADLINE to enter items
for the 2024 Mid-Winter Online Sale
guaranteed to be seen the presale

is now Monday, February 5 at 11:59pm.

The system will not lock at that time. You can continue entering items! BUT only items entered and marked READY by midnight are guaranteed to be included in the Presale on Wednesday. It takes a long time to upload the file so we need to start early. There is a chance we will be able to upload more items Wednesday night, but it is not a guarantee. If you want your items available in the presale (which is a heavy shopping day!) get them entered as early as possible.

You will actually be able to make a drop off appointment even after the online sale opens, BUT spots are limited so please select a drop off appointment as soon as you know what works for your schedule. Same for team shifts, there are spots available and you can sign up until Feb 7, but there really aren't that many spots and SAT will fill up, so we encourage you to choose one as soon as you can.

1) What to Sell

Find out what types of items you can sell at Pass It On as well as what is not accepted.

2) Search Recalls

Make sure none of your items have been recalled or learn what to do if they have.

3) How to Prep

Learn how to prepare your inventory items for successful selling at Pass It On.

4) Get Supplies

Gather supplies needed for tagging. Many people already have most of these!

5) Enter Inventory

Learn how to use our online inventory system to enter and tag your items.

6) Drop Off

Prepare yourself and your inventory for dropping off at Pass It On.

7) Join Our Team

Sign up for a shift and do your part in making this sale a huge success for all.

8) Shop the Presale

All consignors get to shop before the sale opens to the public. See the schedule.

9) Pick Up

How and when you can pick up your unsold items after the sale is over.

How Consigning Works

Once you register, you will automatically be assigned a consignor number. This number prints on all of your tags along with a bar code. That’s how we track your sales and know how much to pay you. This is your number forever.

There is a participation fee of $10 for the ONLINE SALE that can be paid up front via PayPal, Zelle, or mailed via check or cash. This fee is non-refundable.

You price and tag your own items. Drop off your inventory during our Drop Off days, an appointment must be made by the inventory deadline when the system shuts off.

You may submit a maximum of 200 items in this sale. If you wish to enter 300 items you can ask to have your past sales reviewed and we will raise your item limit to 300 if you have a history of higher than average sell thru and no rejects or very few returns in past online sales. Members of the 80% Club and Team Leads can enter 300 items for free, just message me if you want that so we can raise your personal limit.

The base payout is 60%, HOWEVER... All consignors who get a perfect Drop Off & Pick UP (bring ALL of your sold items and everything is clean and in working condition AND have no rejections at buyer pick up for reasons we can't refute) get a 5% bonus! We hope everyone gets 65%!

Consignors who join us on 1 shift keep 5% more of their sales and get to shop the Presale at 10am. Those who don't take a shift shop the Presale at 12pm. So the max payout is 70% with 1 shift and perfect Drop Off/Pick Up.

Checks will be mailed within 10 days for this sale.


Hello Returning Consignor!


Click here if you have been issued a consignor number with Pass It On.

Sorry we are not allowing brand new sellers to begin with us during an online sale.
We want you to go through our regular process first for best success.
Please join us in selling at our next in person sale!

Next Step...

Once you have a consignor account set up, you can enter items into your online inventory.