We accept clothes for all ages and sizes! For babies, children, teens, and adults! Please bring clothes that are in season, in good condition, and marked at least $3. Sizes run preemie through 20 in Children's, Juniors XS-XXL, Adult XS-XXXL, and Maternity and Nursing wear XS-XXL. Please choose the Nursing category for nursing bras and tops that are not Maternity (no belly). These are hung on racks marked Nursing.

Price clothing at $3 minimum. If a clothing item is not worth $3 alone, put it on your donate pile. You can pair up 2 or more onesies of the same size and brand. If you have a whole outfit, put all pieces together, hang the shirt or dress with matching sweater and pants, and pin on hat, socks, bow, etc. Don't make mismatched outfits as people won't buy those and we may reject them at drop off. Please be sensible when making sets.


Bring children’s shoes in current season. All shoes must be in excellent condition. Be picky on shoes because the shoppers will be. You can place shoes in their box, but shoes can easily get separated from the box so your item tags need to be attached to the shoes.

Sandals in the summer. Snow boots in the winter. Most other types of shoes are good year round.



All toys must be in working order and clean. The better it looks, the faster it will sell. Any toy that needs batteries must include batteries so shoppers can be assured it works. Toys with missing parts will not sell and we don't want to sell them (people don't like getting home to find they bought an incomplete game or toy without all the parts!). Please make sure you have ALL the parts. Games and puzzle boxes should be tied, taped, or rubber banded and in their original package. Be thoughtful and put cards and game pieces in a Ziploc bag inside the box.

We only accept stuffed animals of popular characters (ie: Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Elmo, Dora, etc.) or ones that do something or make sounds. Ty beanie babies and Build-a-Bear animals are also acceptable.


Books should be in good shape with no torn or missing pages. Inscriptions are fine. No workbooks with completed pages. Feel free to put several books in a bag at one price, but do NOT seal the bag until after inspected. Rubber bands and string and ribbon work well to keep a few books together. For larger sets, like a whole series that will be sold as 1 item, try a box wrapped in plastic wrap or a large zippered bag from a comforter or sheet set.

DVDs should have no or very light scratches. Make sure the correct movie is in the matching case! Same goes for console games. Price low to sell as streaming services are gaining popularity.

Games need to have ALL the pieces. Check the box and make sure you have everything needed to play. Rubber band game cards or put in a Ziploc bag and place those inside the main box. Put small pieces in another Ziploc bag. Instructions are nice to include.

Puzzles need to have ALL the pieces. Please check big jigsaw puzzles by putting it together before tagging. Seal all pieces in a ziploc bag and rubber band the box. This way if a box gets opened the pieces don't fly out and get lost.

Peg style puzzles should be wrapped in plastic wrap or press n seal. While it seems like a good idea to tape the pieces of a wooden puzzle to the base, tape can remove the pictures and ruin the puzzle! Please be careful.



In the past, our bedding section has been overwhelming and hard to shop, therefore we stopped accepting certain items. This has increased the exposure of quality items and made the bedding section shoppable.

Please create bedding SETS as best you can. Bedding sets with many pieces should be packaged together in original bag if possible, or in a giant clear Ziploc bag, (or bedding bag, the kind with a zipper). Even 2 crib sheets (same size, brand, color, or theme) will sell better than 1 alone.

No single odd pieces like a dust ruffle. The only exception is bumpers, these are OK to bring by themselves. Receiving blankets must be in sets of 2 or more. Match up the same style and color palette (don't mix pinks and blues, they won't sell like that). We cannot accept any handmade blankets, knitted or otherwise. They do not sell. We accept fleece blankets with a popular character, theme, college, or sports team.


We welcome all types of baby gear like strollers, infant carriers, backpacks, slings, nursing and pregnancy pillows, play gyms, high chairs, bouncers, swings, bathtubs, potty chairs, activity centers, walkers, exersaucers, jumpers, and just about anything else you have. Just make sure it is in good condition and clean.



We have areas and signs for Feeding, Diapering, Bathing, Baby Wearing, and Safety. We pretty much take anything as long as it's in good condition. Feel free to package smaller items together in sets, like bottles, spoons, plates, bowls, etc. We can put security tags on items of higher value.



There is always a market for children’s furniture. We will accept bassinets, cradles, play yards, changing tables, dressers, armoires, bookshelves, toy chests, desks, table and chair sets, rocking chairs, and gliders with or without ottomans. We will also accept toddler beds, twin beds, and bunk beds. Built things have a better chance of being sold, so please plan extra time to assemble an item on our sales floor so people can see what it looks like and how to use it (must include all the pieces).

Due to CPSC crib regulations, we can ONLY accept cribs manufactured after June 28, 2011.

If you own a crib, please check this page on the CPSC web site: to learn more about these guidelines and make sure your current crib is safe to use or sell.


These are HOT sellers! Large toys, furniture, and outdoor play equipment must be reasonably clean and free of dirt and internal water. Normal wear and tear and a little color fading is expected with outdoor toys. Bring your slides, swings, climbing structures, play houses, sand boxes, water tables, picnic tables, umbrellas, table and chair sets, wagons, ride-on toys and cars, bikes, trikes, scooters, bike trailers, etc. Include all pieces.



Adult clothing! For women AND men! Shoes! Accessories! Note the limit of 25 adult clothing items per consignor. Bring only your BEST items as we won't have a ton of rack space for this. We are primarily a kids' sale but we wanted to have stuff for the parents, plus older kids are wearing adult sizes and we don't want anyone left out!

If you notice around the store we have items for parents in several areas, not just clothes and shoes. We accept books and DVDs for all ages (up to rated R), bedding for any size bed, small kitchen appliances, sporting and camping equipment, instruments, tools, crafts, home décor, office, holiday decorations, and household furniture (for larger items, please email a picture to see if we can accept what you have before hauling it in). New in package items are also welcome. All items must be clean, in working order, and fit into one of those categories. No random knick-knacks. Beware that breakable things may get broken, so please package appropriately.


In the spring we have several dedicated round racks for dresses and formal wear. We have special racks for swim suits as well. Don't forget to tag Hawaiian shirts and dresses, rain coats and rain boots, ballet tutus and other dance related outfits, dress-up costumes, Girl Scout, Boy Scout, or even school uniforms. Round up summer sports equipment. Have your kids try stuff on. If it doesn't fit, pass it on!

In the fall we dedicate rows for Halloween costumes and winter coats/bibs/snow pants. We also have several rounders for holiday outfits (mostly dresses for girls but you can also find suits for boys) and big displays of hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves. Dig out all of your warm weather gear and have kids try stuff on.

The basic differences between spring and fall are:

Spring = strapless tops and dresses, shorts, sandals, sun hats, beach toys, spring sports gear

Fall = winter coats, snow pants, ski bibs, heavy sweaters, pants with an inner lining, corduroy pants, snow boots, winter hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, ski/snow toys, winter sports gear

OK for BOTH seasons = short and long sleeved shirts, jeans and light weight pants, swim suits, rain coats, rain boots, formal wear with no seasonal themes, scout uniforms, school uniforms, dress-up outfits (the kind that's worn daily), and fleece pajamas with feet

LIMITS (this is per consignor #)

Infant Clothing (newborn-12 mos): 25 per size, per gender
(This means 25 of newborn and 0-3m, 25 of 3m and 3-6m, 25 of 6m and 6-9m and 5-12m, 25 of 9m and 9-12m, and 25 items of 12m and 12-18m),
for a total of 125 items in the 0-12mos range.
And you can bring that many in boys AND girls if you have both, which is 250.)
No limit on any other sizes (18mos and up)!
Maternity Clothing: 25 items total
Adult Clothing: 25 pieces total, per gender

Limit on total number of items in inventory: 300


  • Obvious out of season clothes (save them for our next sale!)
  • Clothing with stains, marks, rips, tears, holes, broken or missing snaps, buttons, zippers, clasps, ties, pockets, or other parts
  • Anything that is worn out, out of date, or does not meeting our quality standards (PIO reserves the right to refuse items at our discretion)
  • Homemade blankets (the knitted kind just don't sell)
  • Hospital receiving blankets and single receiving blankets (sets are ok)
  • Single odd bedding pieces that are not part of a set (see above)
  • Enfamil diaper bags given away free at some hospitals
  • Car seats and infant car seat inserts (no bases, no boosters)
  • Breast pumps (the electric kind only - we do still allow hand pumps)
  • Cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011 (dictated by safety standards)
  • VHS video tape movies
  • DVDs or CDs without a case
  • Toys that are missing parts or pieces or do not work
  • Stuffed animals that are not a popular character or actively do something
  • Grab bags of misc non-matching small toys/Happy Meal toys (matching sets OK)
  • Battery operated toys or equipment without batteries (unless new in original packaging)
  • Any item that has been recalled (unless a fix kit was obtained and is included)

Next Step...

Please make sure none of your items have been subject to a recall for any reason. Recalls can happen not just to baby gear but to anything including toys, clothing, many types of things. Click the button to read more.