Holiday Presale

Pass It On is a community event where consignors offer their items for sale and shoppers buy things. We appreciate our consignors putting their items into the sale and thank them with an early shopping day called a presale. They get a little head start to their shopping over the general public. Consignors who fill a shift during the sale can shop even earlier.

Our ONLINE SALE is no different! Consignors shop early!

Here is our schedule for the online sale.

Presale Schedule
Wednesday, February 7

10am Presale for 1 shift Team

1 shift volunteers keep 65% of their sales
or 70% when combined with a perfect drop off

12pm Presale for Consignors with 0 Shifts

Consignors with 0 shifts keep 60% of their sales
or 65% when combined with a perfect drop off

2pm Presale for Share Squad

Members of our Consignor Forum who share
ALL 4 designated social media posts get a perk

4pm Presale open to Public for $5

Get a head start on shopping over others by
purchasing a ticket for $5 to shop at 4pm.

6pm FREE Presale for Our Special Friends

FREE Presale for New Parents and Grandparents, Heroes,
and Teachers — all may shop at 6pm! Register for a pass.

8pm FREE Presale for Facebook Fans

FREE Presale for fans of our Facebook page!
A special password will be shared to our fans at 8pm.

Pass it on fall 2021 day 1-94
Pass it on fall 2021 day 1-32
PIO Fall 2021 wednesday-27

Not a Consignor?
Here are 2 other ways to get into the Presales!

Paid Tickets

Don't have time to consign this time?
But still want to shop? Can't miss the presale!
No worries! Buy your spot with a VIP Ticket!
Tickets open Wednesday, January 24 at 8pm.

FREE Tickets

FREE access to the Presale for first time parents and grandparents, foster parents, heroes, and teachers! All together this time!
Registration opens Wed, January 24 at 8pm.

Next Step...

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