Hire Our Tagging Service

The DEADLINE to sign up is 2 weeks before Drop Off weekend.

For our Spring 2024 sale, the deadline to apply is Sunday, March 24 and you will need to deliver your items to your tagger by Friday, March 29.  

Sign up below if you want us to tag for you. There is no guarantee if you apply on or near the deadline that we will be able to help you. We do our best but there may be times all taggers are at capacity and first come first served so get your request in EARLY and be prepared to drop off as soon as you are assigned to a tagger.

Busy life? No time to tag?

You can still get rid of your clutter and make some money by hiring one of our experienced Taggers to tag it for you! You get a lower percentage because the Tagger earns part of your sales by doing your work.


Top Quality Taggers

Our Taggers are selected based on their track record of having 80% or higher sell thru rate on their own items for 2 sales or more. Only top quality Taggers are invited to work in this program to help others who don't have time to tag their own things.

BASIC PLAN Consignor Keeps 40%

Inspect all items. Bring only good quality items. Make sure all pieces to games, puzzles, toys are included. Deliver to your tagger ASAP.

BONUS PLAN Consignor Hangs Clothes & Keeps 45%

Same as Basic Plan BUT hang clothing (+zip, snap, button) to keep 5% more of your sales. Deliver ASAP.

HELPER OPTION Fill a Shift to Keep 5% More

No time to tag your stuff but CAN help on a 4-hour shift? Fill 1 shift and keep 45% of your sales (50% if clothes are hung). Fill 2 for 50% (or 55%).

We have Taggers all over the city!

If you are worried about having to deliver your items too far, take a look at our map, there could be one near you! Your tagger will deliver your items to the sale so at the very minimum you will drop off with your tagger and wait for your check in the mail. Most sellers enjoy shopping the private presale and some do come back to shop the discount days as well. A few even pick up some shifts because while they don't have time to tag their own items or tagging seems too overwhelming, they have time to help out on a shift and enjoy lending a hand and helping the sale run smoothly. Your level of participation is up to you!


How the Service Works

Fill out the Application below to claim your spot for our Tagging Service. One of our Taggers will contact you to arrange for pick up or delivery of your items. Gather your items and sort through to make sure everything you are bringing is worth selling. Baby gear such as strollers, high chairs, play yards, bassinets, swings, and outdoor toys are all hot sellers. Toys for all ages also sell very well. Clothing cannot make up more than 75% of your inventory. Don't drop off just clothing. Let it all go.

  • Your Tagger will prepare, tag, and drop off your items at the sale.
  • You pay a small supply fee to your Tagger for the supplies they will use to tag your items.
  • All of your items will be donated so you don't have to come to pick up.
  • Relax and watch your items sell by logging in daily during the sale!
  • Then wait for your check in the mail!

If you are interested in shopping, you can attend the private Presale for Consignors at 3pm on the day before we open to the public. Just tell our door Greeter you were a VIP Tagging client. We can check our master list to verify that you did not drop off your own items and therefore were not given a presale pass.

Next Step...

Register for the upcoming sale so you can give your consignor number to your Tagger so they can work on your inventory.