Get a box or small tote bin for your supplies.

It's best to have all these things in one place and ready before you begin, this way you can power through and be completely done. But you don't have to do it all at once. Work at your own pace within your own schedule. Some consignors enter items on one day, print tags on another day, and attach the tags on yet another day. Some do it all in one day. Some enter 10 items (because 10 tags print on 1 page), print that single page, and attach those 10 tags, box those items up, and set aside as one box done. Do whatever works for you!

The first 3 items on this list are mandatory, the rest are optional things that will help in various ways to get different types of items tagged, secured, and prepped for successful selling.


You will need white cardstock paper to print your tags. Around 67lb weight cardstock or 90lb index is perfect. Not so thick that it won't go through your printer.


Grab a pair of scissors to cut the tags apart. You could also use a paper cutter, the chopping kind works or you may have the sliding kind if you are crafty.


All clothing needs to be on hangers so get enough to hang what you are selling. Wire or plastic, we are not picky! Pant hangers with clips are like gold!

Ziploc bags

Gallon size for grouping sets of small toys and things. Quart size for cards and game pieces. Giant size for bigger items like bedding or playsets.


Clear packing tape for securing items together, on DVDs, or sealing bags (after inspection). Scotch tape tags inside bags. Painter's tape for books.


Any item that operates with a battery must have working batteries to pass inspection. This includes baby gear even if it wasn't used with batteries.

Plastic Wrap

If you have puzzles, the best way to keep pieces on the board is to wrap them. Place the tag into the last wrap and tape. Wrap is also handy for keeping sets together.

Rubber Bands

Group clothing by size and gender and secure with a rubber band. You might also use rubber bands for sets of books, one in each direction, or to keep anything secure.

Zip Ties

Zip ties keep things securely attached. Use them to secure a bag of furniture to a dollhouse, keep something closed, pair up shoes, or make 2 hangers into a set.

Safety Pins

Pin tags to clothes, soft toys, soft books, secure pants to hangers, secure clothing sets together, keep parts together.

Tagging Gun

If you have a lot of clothes, a tagging gun saves tons of time (vs safety pins). This also helps keep your item more secure.

Cleaning Wipes

Wipe down all baby gear, especially in those cracks where dirt and food hide. Wipe down toys, shoes, and baby equipment.

Magic Eraser

These work wonders on shoe scuffs, toys with marker or crayon marks, easels, book covers, even outdoor play structures.

Hole Punch

You might punch a hole in your tag to attach tags to shoes with ribbon or zip ties. Do NOT punch over the donate dot!


Remember to bring all the parts and tools needed for any furniture or gear you will be assembling at drop off.

Next Step...

Now you're ready to enter your items into the online inventory system. But first, you need a consignor number, which creates your account where you will store your inventory.