The DEADLINE to enter items is always
the Friday before Drop Off weekend.

The system closes on October 4 at 11:59pm.

Dropping Off Your Items at the Pass It On Sale


Saturday, October 5, 9am to 9pm
Sunday, October 6, 9am to 9pm
Monday, October 7, 10am to 1pm

(At the building, see map below.)

Walk-ins only: Sunday 6-9pm. Perfect for anyone who missed their earlier appointment.

DROP & GO is available ANY DAY, ANY TIME (see above)!

  • No appointment necessary.
  • All tags must be marked to donate.
  • Unaccepted items will be donated.
  • More than 10% rejected is fined $10.
  • Not available for first time consignors.
    (Stay and learn what could be improved.)

Drop Off Instructions

NEW! Please be prepared to drop off clothing and shoes separate from everything else.

Please have your clothing items sorted by gender and size. Rubber band sizes together at the top of the hangers. All hangers must face left. This speeds things up for everyone.

Double check all tags for accuracy. Every item must have a tag with a clearly printed bar code and unique item number.

Make sure all tires are inflated. This applies to bikes, trikes, scoot bikes, trailers, strollers, anything with inflatable tires. Make sure your tires hold air overnight or you may need to replace a tube before coming to drop off. If your tire goes flat during the sale, that item will be pulled off the sales floor.

Don't be in a hurry. Unless you are doing Drop & Go. Allow 60 minutes to complete the drop off process (not only having your items inspected but also checking in at the desk and receiving your Presale pass). If you need to assemble anything, it may take a little longer so plan accordingly.

Plan to assemble furniture or bring it put together. Items sell better if shoppers can see how it is used. It also ensures (you and them) that all pieces are included. We rent large bulidings to have the space to display these items!

Bring your things in a cardboard box that you can leave with us (totally optional but much appreciated!). We always need boxes for displays and to sort items into at the end of the sale for those who plan to pick up. Do not write your number on the box as you won't get the same one back (it'll be a smaller one!).

If some of your items are not accepted but could be fixed, you will be told why and given an opportunity to rehang clothes, clean toys or equipment, print new tags, install batteries, etc. and may choose to take things home to fix and bring back later.

Please do not be offended if some of your items are rejected. We run a high quality sale and therefore need to reject some things in order to maintain that high quality. We will give you a reason and you can take those items home or you might donate on the spot. If you leave before we inspect your items (Drop & Go), you accept the risk that some of your items may not be accepted to the sale and would be immediately donated.

If you cannot make it to drop off, ask a friend to drop your stuff off for you. Get a trusted friend to sign up to consign and ask her to drop your stuff off with hers. Offer to pick up for her at the end! Several moms have worked this out with great success, sometimes watching each other's kids in trade! Be resourceful!

Follow the signs to check in. We offer curb side check in where someone meets you outside and helps you unload your items straight to an inspector. Once your car is empty, go park in the lot to keep the line moving, and come inside to the check-in desk to sign in and receive your Presale pass. Then go to your inspector and see if any of your items were not accepted and take those home with you. Following this process really speeds things up for all consignors!

Click below to schedule your Drop Off Appointment (must be registered).

  • Appointments are scheduled in 15 minute increments. This is your arrival time.
  • Select a time window to arrive. Our goal is to avoid a wait line.
  • Plan to be there for about an hour, depending on how many items you have and how well you've prepared.
  • Appointments can also be made when logged in to your Consignor Homepage.

Reload or Late Options

For consignors who missed their Drop Off Appointment or found a few more items to sell, we do accept additional items during the following time frame ONLY:

Thursday, October 10, 5-9pm

Must be registered for the current sale.

Bring toys, furniture, large and small baby gear, bikes, and outdoor toys.

No clothes, shoes, bedding, or books.

Tags must be printed by midnight the night before you drop off.

Reload Drop Off is held at the Large Items door at the back of the building.

If dropping off for the first time during Reload, bring your consignor agreement filled out and message us if a LOT of items are coming in (over 100) so staff can be prepared.

Thursday Reload items are held in a private area and put out after we close so Friday morning shoppers get first crack at the new items. We advertise these items on Facebook, to entice new shoppers in, so they don't think everything good is already gone! So if you forgot to enter something... get it in!

Tips for a smooth Drop Off process

#1 Hung by Size

Bundle clothing by size and gender BEFORE arriving. Remember, all hangers must face “left.” (Hanger's hook should make a question mark.)

#2 No Kids

For your sanity, this process is less stressful if you don't bring kids. Of course kids are welcome; please do keep your kids by your side at all times.

#3 Print Form

Print and fill out the PIO Consignor Agreement. Everyone fills one out at check in and you can save time by doing it at home.

Next Step...

We appreciate how most of our consignors take pride in helping the sale be a huge success for everyone. It takes many people working together to pull this off and we'd love to have you on our team. Thanks in advance for giving back to the community!