Calling all CRAFTERS!

Come display and sell your items at Pass It On in our Crafters' Corner. We have a dedicated area for handcrafted items and welcome you to enter your unique handmade items in our sale. We're always trying to find more interesting things to offer our shoppers so we created an outlet to showcase your lovely things.

Julie Peterson - pass it on 050

Basically, anyone who wants to sell your handcrafted items but doesn't want to stand at a vendor table for 5 days! We would love to give you an outlet to sell your items. We designate an area for all the handcrafted items, you enter your items into the sale as a seller, and our shoppers browse and purchase your items during any of our open hours. All items are sold in the main checkout line so there is no need for you to be there the whole time.

In the past we have featured hair bows/clips/headbands, infant soft shoes, aprons, backpacks, tooth fairy pillows, cloth diapers, burp cloths, teethers, blankets, nursing covers, knitted hats, sleep sacks, slings, tutus & fairy wings, jewelry, and a fabulous selection of Michele's tie dyed clothing. We don't have all of these items at every sale but we are looking to grow this area and hope to attract more crafters.

There is a $15 consignor fee every seller pays whether they sell a little or a lot. We like to WAIVE this fee if the crafter is also consigning their family's outgrown items! It's our gift to you for trusting us with your personal items as well as your handcrafted ones.

Anyone is free to enter hand made items under their regular account. But, if you have a lot, we'd prefer you to enter your hand made items under a different account than your regular items. This helps both of us keep track of what sells, helps maximize your 300 item limit, and allows Pass It On to pay 10% higher on your hand made items. We know you put time into your craft and want to pay more for that so you will keep 70% of your items sold in Crafter's Corner (instead of the regular 60%) and 30% goes to Pass It On for our part in selling your items. If you volunteer for 1 shift during the sale, then you will keep 75% of your crafter sales and our commission for selling your items drops to 25%. You can work more shifts but the max payout is 80%. Keep this in mind when setting your prices.

Regular Consignor Acct: 60% Base
Crafter Consignor Acct: 70% Base
Fill 1 shift (5 hours): Keep 75%
Fill 2 shifts (10 hours): Keep 80%


m_MG_9966 (Medium)

It's really easy to enter items into our online tagging system. You enter your inventory at your leisure, set your own prices, build your inventory, print the tags (10 to a page), and attach one to each item. Each tag has a unique bar code which we scan at the register.

If you have a lot of items where the description and price are the same, you can enter the info once, then enter however many you have in the quantity field, up to 25, and that many unique items will be generated in your inventory. If you have 50 identical items you'd do that twice. Prices must be in $0.50 increments starting at $2.00 so if you'd normally charge $2.25 for a hair bow, you'll have to choose $2 or $2.50.

We upload totals at the end of each day so you can track exactly which items are selling (if you used specific descriptions) or just watch your list and see how many are selling each day.

Crafters are invited to set up their own display within our designated Crafters Corner area on Tuesday between 11am and 5pm. If you do not have display racks, tables, shelves, spinner racks, etc. to set up your display we will use what we have leftover after our sales floor is done. We will do our best to make a nice display based on what types of items we have, but it's always better if you can set up your own display the way you like it.

Regular consignment items must be dropped off during the scheduled Drop Off when we have inspectors and merchandisers (see Drop Off page for dates and times). However, we won't have a place to set up Crafter's Corner until the inspection is complete, so that will get set up on Tuesday. If you are doing both and want to personally set up your display, you should plan to drop off each on 2 different days. If you do NOT need to set up a display, you can drop off your crafted items at the same time as your personal items (be clear to the drop off people what is happening or ask them to give it to Kim) and we will set it aside and build your display on Tuesday.

Provide a sign or information sheet about you, your items, your process, or your company so shoppers can learn about you and the items you brought to the sale. These will help us sell your stuff!

Teardown your display anytime on Monday after the sale is over or on Tuesday. If you did not bring your own display, we can box your items and have them ready for pick up on Tuesday with the rest of the consignors' boxes.


MY DREAM GOAL is to run Crafter's Corner like a large vendor booth that has 10-12 vendors who take turns manning the collective booth. If each crafter works one 5-hour shift in this area, there would always be someone there to answer questions.

Ideally, crafters would all come to set up their displays on Tuesday in the same time frame and chat with one another and get to know each other and the other products in this area. This could also be accomplished in a FB group by having each seller share photos of your items, web sites, and info. During your shift you would be selling for all crafters and they will sell for you on their shifts!

There's so much talent out there! I enjoy supporting artists and would like to share my platform and audience with you.

Message our FB page or email with any questions. Start building up your inventory now and get ready for the next sale!