When to Pick Up Your Unsold Items

Picking up is optional and entirely up to you. Price your stuff well and you won't have anything to pick up! There is an option to mark all of your items to Donate so there won't be anything to pick up. Our system does allow you to bring any leftover items back to the next sale without retagging! However, if your item goes through 3 or 4 sales without selling, we do ask that you adjust your price, make sure you are discounting, and maybe consider donating instead of bringing it again.

Pick up Sunday, April 14, 6-9pm

—if you only want your REDUCE marked items to sell at 50% off but not 75% off, you are welcome to come collect your items after the 50% off sale

Pick up Tuesday, April 16, 12-8pm

—if you are ok with selling your REDUCE items at 75% off
—OR if none of your items are marked to reduce

At this time, Pick Up appointments are not necessary. You will collect your box of items in one area and find your clothing on the racks by Sort Code. Volunteers will help.

We sell discounted items at 75% off on Monday (a short day, just 10am-2pm). Sunday is still 50% off. Saturday night is still when volunteers get to shop a Half Price Presale. There will be no presale for 75% off.

If you would like to sell your reduce items at 75% off, pick up will look like it normally does and you would show up at some point on Tuesday to retrieve your items.

If you do NOT want your items to sell at 75% off, you are welcome to mark your tags REDUCE and go through the 50% off sale then come in on Sunday at the end of the day, 6-9pm. You will gather your remaining items off the sales floor and take them home. You may begin while we are still open or wait until after we close at 8pm. We can provide boxes or you can bring your own bins. We will have someone check your boxes before you exit to make sure you are only taking your own items and have you sign a release that states that if any of your items are left on the sales floor and marked REDUCE, they may be sold at 75% off.

Sort will look different too.

We cannot complete sort on Sunday because more people will be shopping on Monday.

SUNDAY PU: Don't worry, we will do a partial sort on clothing. By Sunday night we will have all clothing sorted on the racks by letter sort code within each size. You will need to check the racks in each size where you entered items. We will show you how to find your number group. Non clothing items will not be sorted at all by Sunday evening but will be in categories and we can direct you where to find anything.

TUESDAY PU: If your items remain in the sale through Monday, we will have all of your non-clothing items sorted into a box for you (same as always). We always try to complete the sort process as usual but it all depends on how much we sell and how many volunteers we have sorting. You may or may not need to go to the clothing sections to find your items there. We can loan rolling racks for this task (but racks may not leave the building), we may also have some shopping carts, or you may bring your own wagon or cart. We will check your tags on the rack then you can box your items up at one of our tables. We can provide boxes or you are welcome to bring your own bins. If our process changes we will let you know.


There is a hybrid option.

Another option would be to come on Sunday night and pick up your REDUCE marked items (all or select items) but leave your full price items (and those you would let sell for 75% off) through Monday on the chance that some might sell at full price (it does happen, sometimes as inventory shrinks treasures are uncovered that shoppers hadn’t noticed before, and sometimes people saw an item earlier and didn't buy but when they see it again they realize this is the last day of the sale and they still want it and are willing to pay the price, so we do normally sell a good amount of full price items on Sunday).

Then come back to retrieve the rest of your items on Monday. We are only checking to make sure you leave with only your own items each time, we won’t know that you have more on the floor and are letting those stay.

You may want to print a list of your remaining items to make sure you collect them all or you could also pull up the list of unsold items on your phone and work from there.

We are not sure how many people will choose each option.

And we won't know because I am not going to require appointments for pick up. But my best guess is to plan for a third. Then we’ll expect to see another third pick up on Monday and the final third will let everything be donated.

We are removing the penalty for missing pick up since we are not fully sorting your items this time. All items left over at the end of the sale will be donated. No exceptions.

The goal of selling at 75% off is to sell more of the donate items (which helps those donating get one final chance to make a little money while also reducing the burden on our donation places who sometimes cannot fit everything we have for them on their truck).

Thanks for your cooperation and patience as we test something new.


SUMMARY: Options for REDUCE items and when to pick up:

1. All of your items are full price, nothing reduces.
Pick up on Tuesday 12-9pm.

2. Some of your items are marked to reduce. ALL of the items you have marked to reduce may sell at any discount.
Pick up on Tuesday 12-9pm.

3. Some or all of your items are marked to reduce. You would like to sell your reduced items at 50% off but not 75% off. And you only want to come to pick up once.
Pick up on 
Sunday 6-9pm.

4. Hybrid option. Some or all of your items are marked to reduce. You would let some of your items sell at 75% off but not others and you want to let your full price items ride through Monday just in case (many things do sell at full price on half price day).
You would come to pick up on both Sunday and Tuesday.

5. All of your items are marked to DONATE.
Do not come to pick up

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