Pass It On Sponsor Terms and Guidelines

These guidelines were developed to clarify details and make the event a success for everyone. Please fill out the form below and we will reply. If you have questions, email Kim Zerbe at or message me on Facebook.

1. Deadline to reserve a booth at the sale is March 31. Payment is required to secure your spot. Bounced checks will incur a $35 fee in addition to the check being made good with a cash payment or money order.

2. Only 1 vendor may represent any major line of merchandise (such as Scentsy) at the sale, first PAID gets the spot. If 2 vendors represent similar businesses (such as Mary Kay and Arbonne), we will discuss with both vendors and if the first to sign up is OK with it, they will be at opposite ends of the layout.

3. Vendors may set up your table during any of the folowing times: 3-9pm on Wed (best to be ready to talk to people by 5pm), or 9-10am Thursday morning. The sale opens at 10am. Vendors agree not to obstruct traffic or aisles during the sale and take reasonable care setting up and tearing down your space. Tables and chairs are not provided so plan to bring your own. ONE 6ft table per vendor. We may have room for shelving units, please ask if this is something you need. Let us know if you need electricity or want to be next to a certain vendor and we’ll accommodate as best we can.

4. Vendors are solely responsible for your items supervised or unsupervised. Pass It On cannot guarantee the security of any items left unattended and will not be held responsible, financially or otherwise, for any theft or damage to any articles you brought to the event. Do not leave sale merchandise you wish to purchase under your table overnight. Make your purchases before leaving each night.

5. Pass It On Sales, LLC and its participants, volunteers, and other vendors shall not be held responsible for any injury that may occur for any cause whatsoever to the vendor or any individual participating in the vendor’s space. Vendor expressly releases Pass It On Sales, LLC from any and all loss, damages, and injuries.

6. Pass It On Sales, LLC shall not be liable for any damage or expense incurrred by vendors in the event that the sale is delayed, interrrupted, or not held as scheduled due to any reason beyond our control.

7. Our savvy bargain shopping consignors are looking for a deal! Coupon for Consignors must be a coupon like “$5 off a $25 purchase” or “Free item with $50 purchase” or Buy One Get One Free or a special free pass. We only accept informational brochures that are accompanied by a special offer or free item (like a pen or candy).

8. Deadline to submit Coupons for Consignors is Wednesday, April 3 by 7pm (you may drop they by the building that day, we setup 11am-7pm). Items received after the deadline will be made available at our check in desk for the remaining check ins. Earlier entries are appreciated and can be mailed or delivered to Kim (to my house or drop off at a Consignor Meetup). If you contact us early enough we may be able to pick them up from you.

9. Ads to our mailing list go inside of our sale ad email. It can be either 1 image containing all info like an ad (max size: 400w x 400h pixels) or you supply the text of less than 100 words which we format into our email as an ad. Text can be accompanied by 1 small image (we recommend your logo or a great photo of your product in use).

10. Ads on our Facebook page could be a share from a post on your page or a specific post you design and will link to your web site or FB page. Run a special offer to get our fans to visit your booth at the sale! Get them excited to meet you!

11. All merchandise and materials must meet the approval of Pass It On management. We reserve the right to refuse to display any material we feel is not appropriate.

12. All sponsors agree to share the Pass It On Event on your business and/or personal Facebook pages to help promote attendance. Feel free to run a PIO special for your customers who visit you at the sale. Offer to have people pick up their orders AT the sale while you are there. Run a contest to give away your free presale passes, these are HOT and such a contest will provide your site with good customer engagement, not to mention how much the winner will love you for it!

13. Once payment has been submitted and vendor spot secured, all payments are final and non-refundable.

Please fill out the form below and hit submit. We will contact you regarding how to render payment once we confirm availability and that your application has been accepted. If you submitted by an early bird deadline and we do not contact you until after that deadline, you will still get the discount!