What’s New for Spring 2018


Welcome to Pass It On's new web site!

We're starting a new year with a new look. It was time to become more mobile friendly and add some new features. We wanted a cleaner layout to make sure everything was clear and easy to find so browse around and see what's new!

Our sales are run entirely by volunteers. Pass It On is a community event put on by members of the community. Every volunteer is a consignor who is selling their stuff at the sale. This season, we are making changes to honor our volunteers more. Since many hands make light work, we restructured the payout percentages to encourage more consignors to volunteer. Consignors who don't volunteer get 60% of their sales and shop 2 hours after our 1-shift volunteers: still a great way to get rid of your stuff but you will earn 5% less. Hopefully, more consignors will join in and discover how much fun it is to volunteer at Pass It On. This past fall was our lowest volunteer turnout ever and we struggled with not being able to open more registers or have merchandisers covering the sales floor in all areas. Checkout lines were long, customers were unhappy, and consignor sell thru rates suffered. We don't WANT to keep a higher percentage of your sales but we need to encourage more volunteers. The goal is to write bigger checks to everyone while also filling all of our volunteer shifts and holding a fantastic sale!

Who can volunteer? We are making a minor change to the volunteer policy. Previously we allowed anyone to work a shift for a consignor's account (spouse, child, mother, sister, friend). Now, to comply with legal restrictions, we can only allow the consignor, consignor's spouse, or consignor's child age 15 or older. Thanks for understanding. If your sister or friend would like to volunteer in order to shop the presale tell them how easy it is to consign! Plus, you get a $5 referral bonus added to your check when they write your name in during registration!

We changed our presale structure. We spread out the times for volunteers to honor their commitment to the sale. As always, the more shifts you work, the earlier you shop! Working just ONE shift still gets you into the presale 2 hours before those who don't work. That bumped those who don't work back to 4pm. Please make a note of this change: if you are not working a shift, shopping is 1 hour later than it used to be.

Wish List Providers shop the Presale at 3pm. We've had this option for a while but it may have been a bit hidden on our old website. This was initially added as a way for non-consignors to support the sale. We can't legally utilize volunteers who are not consignors but those who aren't able to consign can still be a superstar by fulfilling our wish list.

Ticket Presale moved UP to 5pm. We've had the ticket option for a while but it was previously at 6pm for First-Time Parents only. We decided to create a new, 5PM Premium Presale and add a time after when First-Time Parents get in free.

NEW!! We added a special Presale at 6pm. Not wanting to leave anyone out, we rolled out a special time for First Time Parents to shop as well as Foster Parents and Heroes. Check out our web page to see who qualifies and how to get your ticket.

Inventory changes. We added categories for Adult Clothing (Men and Women) and shoes. There is a limit of 25 adult items per consignor, clothing and shoes combined, so don't go nuts with this. We just wanted to add value to our event and people have been asking for this for years so we are testing the waters. Bring your best stuff.

As an FYI, we no longer accept electric breast pumps. They just don't sell anymore. Most health insurance provides one for new moms now so there's no market for used pumps. This is kind of sad as it likely contributes to wastefulness, which Pass It On aims to reduce. We still accept hand pumps, though, as they do sell.

Last fall, we changed some of the categories in the inventory. Instead of Playards being listed far down in the alphabetical order now it is near the top as "Baby Gear: Playards" alongside all the other "Baby Gear:_______" categories. (Why isn't the category called Pack 'n Plays? Pack 'n Play is the Graco model of Playard. Other brands have different names, so our category is named to encompass all of these.) When entering inventory, please select the best category for your item. Misc is not meant to house everything, it is merely a fall back if you can't find the right category for your specific item. Using the correct category really helps us plan our sales floor needs in the beginning, match up items with lost tags during the sale, and evaluate sell thru rates at the end.

Thanks for your continued patronage as a Volunteer, Consignor, Shopper, or Sponsor!

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